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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Saxifraga ID please.

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I have had this plant for six years, five of these outside in my small tufa raised bed. The plant has never looked in good condition but it has made attemps to flower. They are similar to in shape, but smaller, than the south side seedling but the colour is red both stem and flower. I took the plants out of the garden and potted them up and put them in my cold greenhouse, in April this year, to try and rejuvinate them, and now the plants are looking better than they have ever done. Any help with the ID will be apreciated. Regards Geoff

Contribution from Geoffrey Alderton 01 November 2011, 13:20top / bottom of page

How do I post a picture of the Saxifraga

Contribution from Geoffrey Alderton 08 November 2011, 18:14top / bottom of page

Here is the same plant in the garden,2006, prior to being potted up and put in the greenhouse.

Contribution from David Hoare 09 November 2011, 15:55top / bottom of page

I have been in touch with the top man Adrian Young

and your Sax is S. Kolenatiana.


Contribution from Geoffrey Alderton 09 November 2011, 20:51top / bottom of page


Thank you very much for the info. Looking back at my old pictures I got the plant in 2004 so I have had the plant seven years without knowing its correct name, or any name other than a Saxifrage.

Again thank you and regards Geoff.

Contribution from Margaret Young 09 November 2011, 23:44top / bottom of page

I have a soft spot for the dark red flowered saxifragas...they're so eyecatching in flower.

Geoffrey, are you aware of the Saxifraga Society? They have a super website that has lots of information:



Contribution from Geoffrey Alderton 10 November 2011, 11:37top / bottom of page

Hi Margaret.

I was a member for one year a few years ago but my work took me overseas and I didnt renew it. I actualy printed out the Membership Aplication form a couple of days ago and intend to send it off this week end. I to am a fan of the red Sax and hopefully my kolenatiana will give me a good show next year.

Regards Geoff.

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