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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Primula for Identification

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Started by: Graham Catlow

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Contribution from Graham Catlow 01 February 2011, 19:02top / bottom of page

I have been growing the Primula in the photos for several years and purchased them as Primula laurentiana. However there has recently been doubt cast on this and the new suggestion is Primula frondosa.

Can someone please tell me how they differ and confirm which one I should be calling it in the future.

Contribution from David Nicholson 04 February 2011, 15:26top / bottom of page

I think you will have had a lot of advice Graham!!

Contribution from John Richards 10 February 2011, 09:12top / bottom of page
Primula laurentiana

It is a shame that your fine plant had to be NAS-ed in the On-line Show this year. Unfortunately, someone has been sending in P. frondosa seed for P. laurentiana for many years. I have been caught this way and so have many others. The best way of seeing what P. laurentiana looks like is to visit the Primulaworld website where there are about 15 good images, many from the wild in Canada. It is a much leggier plant (and usually less attractive) than P. frondosa, with long flowering stems exceeding the leaves which are narrow and have a long stalk. Diagnostically it is a homostyle (stigma and anthers both in the mouth of the flower) and self-fertile, while P.frondosa is either pin or thrum-flowered. P. laurentiana is rare in cultivation and unless you grow it from wild-sourced seed you will probably not have the correct plant. At present I am growing it in a pot and, having flowered last year, some have overwintered successfully in the alpine house and will flower again this year.

Contribution from Graham Catlow 10 February 2011, 19:46top / bottom of page
Primula laurentiana

David, you are correct - there has been a good response on the SRGC forum to the same question.

John, many thanks for your response and information. Mine is clearly not P.laurentiana but as you say a very nice plant anyway.

I have wild collected seed coming from Canada so I will have the real thing if I can get it to maturity. Though I have little experience with seed of any sort.

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