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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Plant queries

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Started by: John Richards

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Contribution from John Richards 02 November 2006, 15:19top / bottom of page

Just to say that we hope that many members will submit their queries to this website where they will be regularly monitored, and answers will be posted. I am not sure whether the queries are better placed under the relevant head (plants at shows, id, alpine house etc) or all put in one place, e.g. here. Views welcome here.

Contribution from Jean-Patrick AGIER 28 December 2008, 23:09top / bottom of page
problems with growing tropaeolum tuberosum

I've tried to grow tropaeolum tuberosum for several years: no results, the tubers always rot.I grow it in pots with gravel on my balcony-southwest facing. Does it need full sun? How do I have to water it? Once a week? My pots are narrow-25 cm deep & 20 cm large.Must the tuber be planted deeply or just below the surface? Thanks for any help

Contribution from John Richards 29 December 2008, 17:43top / bottom of page
Tropaeolum tuberosum

This is a half-hardy plant. The tubers need to be stored dry and cool but not frosty in the winter, like a Dahlia, and not planted outside until all danger of frost is past. It needs good drainage and regular watering, even daily in hot weather. It likes sun and shelter and dislikes wind; I wonder if this is a problem on your balcony?

Contribution from Jean-Patrick AGIER 30 December 2008, 22:24top / bottom of page

Dear John, Thank you for answering. No problem with wind because on my balcony TROPAEOLUM TUBEROSUM never reaches flowering size and is too small to be damaged by wind...I'll put the pot in full sun as you suggest but I'm always prone to overwater plants, never knowing when they REALLY need water.I've pobably lost many TROPAEOLUM tubers by thinking they needed to be watered. Are there any signs I should notice? At what depth must the tuber be planted ? With many thanks

Contribution from John Richards 01 January 2009, 11:25top / bottom of page

I still think wind/dry air on a balcony might be a problem. The tubers should be planted about 5-8 cm deep in a well-drained compost; a proprietry compost with added grit should be fine. Water a little only until growth is evident and then more frequently. Is the pot stood in a container so that it is standing in its own water? This would kill it.

Contribution from Jean-Patrick AGIER 06 January 2009, 23:31top / bottom of page

Dear John, My tropaeolum tuberosum were NOT "soaking" in water but this year I'll try to keep the compost not too wet and protect the plant from strong winds(if it grows up to flowering size).As I'm keen on tropaeolum I'll ask another query on how to have a "good" germination rate ( over 50% ) with the chilean species in the "propagation" topic. With many thanks

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