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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Plant id?

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Started by: Eric Marsh

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Contribution from Eric Marsh 29 August 2006, 12:46top / bottom of page
Unknow Asian

The flower is about 1 inch across. I am almost certain the plant is of Indian subcontinental origin.

Unknow Asian

Contribution from william reid 28 October 2009, 20:14top / bottom of page

Campanula malacitana var. gibraltarica.

Has the question asked by Greenleaf,'The Bulletin'

Vol.48/261. ever been answerd ?

Bill Reid. Wirral and West Cheshire.

Contribution from john dower 04 November 2009, 14:41top / bottom of page

I wouldn't have known it Eric - but I would like one!

Does it set seed?


Contribution from Margaret Young 07 November 2009, 14:58top / bottom of page

Eric.... I still have no idea what your plant might be!

Ron: as far as I know, it is simply the case that the Gibralter form of the Campanula is subsumed into Campanula mollis, though some still seem to cling to the other name.

Contribution from John Richards 08 November 2009, 17:40top / bottom of page

According to Munoz (2008) Catalogo actualizado de la flora vascular del Subbetico Cordobes, Campanula malacitana v. gibraltarica is a synonym for C. mollis (wonderful what you can find on Google!), so Maggi is right, and Greenleaf is right and everything is quite alright. Having said that, the photo doesn't look much like the C. mollis I knew from Ronda, but perhaps it is different in Gibraltar. It does seem to be a campanula however.

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