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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Orobanche in the Dolomites

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Started by: Mel Linney

Can anyone help with the identification of two Broomrapes

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Contribution from Mel Linney 13 January 2012, 10:52top / bottom of page

Elaine and I found these Orobanche in the meadow near Colfosco and are not completely sure of their identification. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 14 January 2012, 16:47top / bottom of page

Hi Mel,

I hope you can attract positive identifications for your lovely orobanches ... they have baffled us for a number of years. I have any number of images showing a range of sizes, forms and colours from pale mauve through yellow, orange to dark ruby red. Books and the internet offer few clues and often conflicting descriptions. These stunning parasitic plants always create interest and deserve further investigation.

Kind regards,


Contribution from Mel Linney 08 February 2012, 10:30top / bottom of page

Thanks for the reply Cliff. Sorry for the tardiness I've been up to my neck in Home improvements and not just decorating. Who said retirement was boring. Anyway back to the Orobanche. At the time I was 99% certain that the first picture was O minor and I think the legumes growing around it confirm my suspicions. The second one was a little harder but in the end both Elaine and I thought that it was O gracilis, again the legumes being the deciding factor. I have to agree though that this is a very difficult Genus and one that may be worth further investigation.

Contribution from Margaret Young 09 February 2012, 11:19top / bottom of page

Anyone interested in Orobanche and Pedicularis may care to read


in International Rock Gardener September 2011

Mel: good luck with your renovations.... it'll be bliss when it's over!

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