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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Mystery Primula (or Cortusa?)

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Started by: Giles Reed

I've no idea what this is - help!

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Contribution from Giles Reed 10 April 2009, 14:22top / bottom of page

This was meant to be P.soongii!!!!

-just another photo of the same plant. It dies down to nothing in the Winter. This is the first time it has flowered.

Is there a 'nodding' P.jesoana ?

Contribution from Susan Read 13 April 2009, 13:43top / bottom of page
Mystery himalayan

White flower 4800m Everest area Aug. Enquiries have so far not revealed a name.

Mystery himalayan

Contribution from John Richards 13 April 2009, 18:13top / bottom of page
Mystery primula

You say this was 'meant to be P. soongii'. This sounds to me as if it came from Chen Yi, who rarely sends the right thing, quite often instead something from the other end of the genus. But what she sends is usually Chinese! In my view this Cortusoides section primula is probably the Japanese P. kisoana. P. jesoana (also not from China) was a good shout by Giles, but this has less hairy petioles and the flowers overtop the leaves. It is difficult to get the scale of it from this photo, and it might just be something much smaller than P. kisoana, but that is my suggestion. Here is P. kisoana growing at Saville Garden last April.

Mystery primula

Contribution from Giles Reed 13 April 2009, 21:35top / bottom of page

Thankyou John. Nice to see that P.boothii did it's stuff for you. The P.sonchifolia you gave me is in flower - thankyou very much. Giles

PS I have yet to yet to try Chen Yi - too many plants already!

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