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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Moss in Sempervivums

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Started by: Martin Rogerson

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 04 September 2006, 19:31top / bottom of page
How to eradicate and how to prevent

Has anyone any good advice for ridding Sempervivums of moss between the rosettes and how to avoid its presence in the first place

Contribution from Jim McGregor 05 September 2006, 17:05top / bottom of page

The problem seems to arise when they are given too much overhead watering in dull/shady conditions, or left uncovered in wet weather. I haven't tried any chemical solutions - I've removed it with tweezers and then tried to keep the cushion dry while they recover.

Contribution from jeremy pratt 16 October 2006, 14:16top / bottom of page
Moss in Sempervivums

I too have the same problem but with saxifrages growing outdoors in a bed with a top dressing of tufa crumbs. Removing with tweezers may be ok for pots but in the open garden and with liverwort as well it is a major problem. I have heard that epsom salts sprayed on may be successful but am reluctant to try it without knowing whether there are any harmful side effects, Has any one else tried it?

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 22 October 2006, 16:44top / bottom of page

I hadn't heard of Epsom salts as a moss cure but I think I'll try it on one of the less precious semp. pots and see what happens. I have heard of using a vinegar solution to control Liverwort in pots.

Contribution from Anne Marise GIBSON 30 January 2008, 21:15top / bottom of page
moss and liverworts

i tried epsom salts last year with no effect on either the moss or liverworts. my problem is mainly on the pots of seeds hopefully awaiting germination and the plunge bed itself.some of the pots of seeds are so thick with liverwort i doubt any seedling could push its way through.did you try the vinegar?

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 01 February 2008, 21:58top / bottom of page
Moss in Sempervivums

It seems to me that drainage is the answer here. Keep the plants in really well drained compost (plenty of grit)as well as a generous top dressing of grit and the conditions for liverworts etc to survive will diminish. This may also include keeping plants out of winter wet, either in greenhouse or cold-frame. Once the plants come back into growth in spring you can resume watering, with care and maybe a bit of tweezering

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