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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Identification required?

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Started by: Robin Jehan

Two years ago I was some seeds of this bulbous species, and it has just finished flowering this July.

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Contribution from Robin Jehan 30 July 2012, 10:39top / bottom of page
Identification required.

I hope this photo works?

Identification required.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 02 August 2012, 09:05top / bottom of page

Robin it looks like a Moraea species but I've no idea which one.

Contribution from Robin Jehan 03 August 2012, 11:16top / bottom of page

Many thanks Martin for Identifying My bulbs as Moraea, I have googled Moraea and as you say there are many! Thanks again for your speedy reply, Robin.


Contribution from Jon Evans 03 August 2012, 15:01top / bottom of page


This looks a lot like Herbertia lahue.

Or at least, what I grow as that.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 03 August 2012, 18:52top / bottom of page

Certainly the second picture looks more like Jon's suggestion. Robin, are both pictures of the same plant?

Contribution from Robin Jehan 06 August 2012, 12:43top / bottom of page
Herbertia lahue.

Hi Jon and Matin, thank you both for identifying my Bulbs / bulbs as Herbertia lahue. I looked them up on the Pacific Bulb Society's web site and they are exactly the same.

They flowered eighteen months after planting the seeds, and the flowers only last a day at the most, but they flowered in dribs and drabs over two months, setting plenty seed.

The first photo is of the mother plant, which gave me some seed, and the second photo is from my seedlings, which appear to be slightly darker than the parent. However this could just be down to the vagaries of digital photography.

Thank you both again for your speedy identification, and here is a better photo of the mother plant flowers.

Herbertia lahue.

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