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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: GENTIAN ID.

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Gentian id

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Hi Please can someone ID this Gentian for me. I purchaced them from my local garden centre yesterday .

Contribution from Geoffrey Alderton 12 June 2010, 21:57top / bottom of page

Hi again.Presently unable to post a picture of the plant in question but I will keep trying. Regards Geoff.

OK finaly managed it. Hope the picture is ok. Regards Geoff.

Contribution from Geoffrey Alderton 17 June 2010, 10:35top / bottom of page

Hi. I think I have answered my own question. There is a picture in issue 124 of The Rock Garden, page105, showing a pan of Gentiana scabra. I think my plants are the same. Regards Geoff.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 13 March 2012, 15:06top / bottom of page


Your 2010 contribution reminded me that in 2010 and 2011 there were lots of Gentiana septemfida hybrids or cultivars on sale in Garden centers. I bought a blue one and a lovely pale blue form. They are just starting to sprout again. Gentiana scabra also turns up. I guess the growers can bulk up the plant quickly to flowering size and flog them,

Still we gain a good plant.


Contribution from Rick Lambert 29 July 2012, 22:13top / bottom of page
Gentiana around Saas-Fee.

I would be grateful if anyone can help confirm, or otherwise name, these Gentiana species.

1. Is this Gentiana nivalis (above Saas-Almagel Mattmark Reservoir)

Gentiana around Saas-Fee.

2. Is this Gentiana pannonica (no spots inside)Furggstalden

3. Gentiana / Gentianella

My closest guess is Gentiana germanica but also found it on Kappelweg downwards from Saas-Fee with only four petals.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 13 August 2012, 23:27top / bottom of page

Cliff Booker's picture ( helps to identify this as Gentianella campestris.


Contribution from Margaret Young 15 August 2012, 10:25top / bottom of page

I agree with your suggestions for 1 and 2, Rick.

Also for no. 3, but that link to Cliff's photo does not work so here is one to one of Cliff's pictures on Alpenpix :



Added: so much variation in these, as in so many other plants- always good to keep an open mind about colours etc!

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