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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: CULTIVATION. Saxifraga grisebachii

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Started by: Geoffrey Alderton

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Contribution from Geoffrey Alderton 11 March 2012, 11:48top / bottom of page

Hi all.

I got this plant last summer. It was put straight into a piece of tufa facing north east, one of the six holes I had awaiting plants. The rosette has doubled in size and produced a beautiful deep red bud/flower. There is also a new rosette just coming through from the side of the main rosette as you can see from the picture.

My questions are, Can I remove the new rosette to make a new plant. When is the best time to do this, its still only very small. If and when it?s removed will it take planted straight into a tufa hole?

Finally will it produce seed and can this be put straight into a tufa hole?

It is a super looking plant.

Regards Geoff.

PS; Had a great day at the Loughborough show yesterday. Looking forward to Chesterfield

Hi again.

Another picture.

Contribution from Rick Lambert 13 March 2012, 14:57top / bottom of page

I should wait until it has grown a lot more and then, yes, remove it in the autumn (the time for most Saxifraga cuttings to root). Put it into a mixture of equal parts Grit sand and Perlite and set aside.

You could also let it set seed and raise this in a similar mixture.

It seems a pitty to remove the only side rosette. As it is growing in tufa at will be very slow.

Rick Lambert

Sprinkle the seed straight onto the tufa. No hole needed.

I too had a wonderful day at Loughborough. Nice things to buy. Lots of people to chat to and such wonderful plants on the benches.

Contribution from Geoffrey Alderton 17 March 2012, 11:37top / bottom of page

Hi Rick.

Thank you for the advice and info. I will as you suggest leave the rosette on the plant until it gets to a decent size and then look at removing it to get another plant going. I honestly don?t know if the griesbachii rosettes die off after flowering, or build up with more rosettes. The one plant I have, the one in the picture, it?s flower stem has now turned into a really deep red, much darker than the picture, and looks even better.

I must say a very nice Saxifrage.

Regards Geoff.

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