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Online Show: Results of the 2013 On-line show

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Started by: Ray Drew

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Contribution from Ray Drew 06 January 2014, 23:02top / bottom of page

Firstly, thank you to all the exhibitors, stewards and judges who took part in this years on-line show, without your time and effort there would be less pictures of alpine plants, with accompanying information for AGS members and the general gardening public to enjoy. It was pleasing to see a number of new names along side more established exhibitors like Ken Curtis, who again exhibited the 'best entry of a group of more than one variety of plant in a garden setting or in a container such as a trough' with his 'Rockery merging into pond' (Class 7, entry 1 ). The 'best entry of a single species, variety of a species or hybrid' is the pan of Pleione maculata (entry 2 in class 39) exhibited by Eric Locke.

You will notice some judges comments concerning naming, please do not see these as personal criticism, more of an education - if someone likes the look of your plant and wants to acquire one they may otherwise end up with the wrong thing.

The new botanical listing caused some exhibitors a few problems this year; as such the judges took a sympathetic view to most - confusion between classes 55 and 56, the old Scrophulariaceae and 'new' Plantaginaceae being a case in point.

If you enjoy what you see and feel suitably inspired, why not take part in this years show which opens for entries in early March.


Ray Drew – Show Manager

Contribution from Margaret Young 10 January 2014, 15:37top / bottom of page

A vibrant set of entries to the online show - a treat to enjoy  in winter .Congratulations to all the prizewinners!

I note a spelling mistake in reference to an entry in

Class 16: Primula of Asiatic ancestry. Species or hybrid

Primula bhutanica

Judge's comment: This is Primula 'Arduanie' 


The correct spelling of this plant is  'Arduaine' 



Contribution from John Richards 10 January 2014, 16:11top / bottom of page

Thank you Maggie. As you might imagine, this was a mistype, not a misapprehension, but careless all the same!

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