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Online Show: 2015 Online Show

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Started by: David Nicholson

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Contribution from David Nicholson 09 January 2016, 19:07top / bottom of page

Has there been any intimation, anywhere on the web site, that it has (a) started, (b) finished or (c) nobody cares? 

Contribution from Diane Clement 10 January 2016, 12:18top / bottom of page

The online show has been judged and can be viewed here:

On-line Show 2015  

The 'best entry of a single species, variety of a species or hybrid' was won by Doreen Mear for her plant of Iris iberica ssp elegantissima (Class 77)

The 'best entry of a group of more than one variety of plant in a garden setting or in a container such as a trough' was won by Kirsten Andersen for her 'Alpine Plants' (Class 3).

 'The highest number of 'First prize points' has been won for the second year running by Kirsten Andersen.​



Contribution from David Nicholson 10 January 2016, 16:07top / bottom of page

Thanks Diane. Am I right that there has been no other notice about it in these pages?

If so ayone interested would have to drill through the main page. Find the menu at the top of the page. Choose 'Shows and Plant Fairs'. Find 'Online Show'. Find '2015 Show' to get there.

Not great publicity is it?



Contribution from Jim McGregor 11 January 2016, 16:07top / bottom of page

The online show was widely advertised all through the year in the members' newsletter 'The Alpine Gardener' and in What's New on the home page of the website - successfully I gather as entries are 100 or so up on last year.

Ray Drew did a great job of organising the show and the judges worked hard over Christmas. As Diane says the results were published only last week.

Contribution from Raymond Hurd 13 January 2016, 19:16top / bottom of page
Self Publicity

I am a member of the Chesterfield Group which holds its january meeting as a member's "slides".. Five of us brought a memory stick suitably loaded and I volunteered to go first. I showed a few photos of my pre-being-hooked on alpines leading into a selection of my entries "NAS", "Not Placed" and of course the winners of third, second and first places with special mention of the "Members Choice" items. The aim was to encourage more of our group to put in a few entries next year. They can be high alpines or well flowered garden alpines. So let's get more to join in, perhaps with reminders to groups and to those attending the national shows,

Raymond Hurd

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