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Started by: ian mcdonald

seed germination boost

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Contribution from ian mcdonald 02 May 2014, 14:57top / bottom of page
seed germination boost

Last year on Gardeners World, Monty Don used a soluable mycorrhizal fungus to promote better root growth of plants. I wondered if anyone has tried this to promote better germination of alpine seed. If so, what were the results? Perhaps it would be worth trying. I cannot obtain soluable fungus, only the pelleted form. Last years germination results were 4 pots out of 50. This is still the same this year. This years seed have faired better with 20 out of 50 germinated. I would like to try the soluable fungus in each pot, about half the pot treated, to compare results.

Contribution from Margaret Young 04 May 2014, 14:44top / bottom of page

Ian, if you  type Trichoderma  into the SRGC Forum search option ( fourth option from the left near the top of any forum page ) you will find many posts about the use of trichoderma fungal treatments as a root booster and protection against unwanted fungal infections. It seems to be proving very useful.



Contribution from ian mcdonald 05 May 2014, 12:43top / bottom of page

Hello Margaret, I cannot get the SRGC forum site to work. Machines are not on my list of favourite things. Do I need to log in etc? I am a member of the SRGC.

Contribution from Margaret Young 05 May 2014, 18:57top / bottom of page

Hi Ian, I'm delighted to hear you are an SRGC member - but there is no need to be a member or to be registered to the Forum to access its pages.

 The forum site has been offline for a  while today because of the weight of traffic - perhaps that was the problem. Do please try again .



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