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Started by: ian mcdonald

exhibitors attending the harrogate spring show

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Contribution from ian mcdonald 10 April 2017, 19:29top / bottom of page
harrogate spring show 2017

It seems there are only four alpine nurseries exhibiting at harrogate this year and no pleione nurseries. A declining hobby?

Contribution from ian mcdonald 11 April 2017, 10:43top / bottom of page

I have heard from an alpine nursery that the main reason for no longer going to Harrogate is the lack of outside storage space for their plants. The plants become etiolated indoors and the public do not want such plants. I have drawn this problem to the attention of the show organisers to see if something can be done. 

Contribution from ian mcdonald 17 April 2017, 13:53top / bottom of page

Another nursery has also confirmed the reason is lack of storage space.

Contribution from ian mcdonald 18 April 2017, 19:04top / bottom of page

Slack Top will not now be attending the show.

Contribution from ian mcdonald 19 April 2017, 19:34top / bottom of page

I have heard back from the Harrogate organisers to say that "now the new hall has been completed there is loads of space for vehicles and plants." 

Contribution from ian mcdonald 21 April 2017, 20:59top / bottom of page

Only four alpine nurseries in attendance and no pleione nurseries.

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