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Any Other Topics: Third International Czech Rock Garden Conference is announced for 2017

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Started by: Margaret Young

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This happy message has been  received from Prague……

 "  On the behalf of the 3rd Czech International Rock Garden Conference Committee it is our pleasure to invite you to be a happy participant.
   Using our experience from the two previous conferences we plan to “plant”  this one only 15 kilometres from the centre of Prague in the vicinity of the castle and two state parks of Průhonice  which is 24 kilometres from Prague Ruzyne Airport and just a hop from the highway D1 Prague-Brno.
The main idea is to have very compact economic conference connecting attractive lectures and exploring the best local rock gardens plus, of course,  the May Show of the Prague Club and the medieval baroque parts of Prague.
  The Event is planned for 10 – 15th May 2017 at the Congress and Educational Centre Hotel Průhonice
   The time is ripe now! There are many reasons to continue in organising conferences here in Central Europe. The rock gardens are more mature with new adding (reconstructions) and the assortment of the dwarf bulbs and rock garden plants is after 4 years long activities richer and newer. Also new growing techniques are to be seen and discussed. The pictures for lecturing are in higher level and we offer well balanced choice of western lecturers from SRGC, AGS, NARGS and the continental ones from Sweden, Norway, Germany and Czech Republic.    More pleasurable hours for chatting and a  modern choir concert is in programme.
The precise programme will be announced as soon as possible.

We remember well the unique warm microclimate and session at the last conference induced or charged by the great numbers of the members of the Forum of the SRGC, the passionate lovers of Dryas and divine Celtic plants. Scandinavian Lovers of Czech Pilsner Beers will be satisfied with the quality and prices. We expect as usually maximally 100 participants for two days long tour in three busses.
Please, come and enjoy our hospitality.
Sincerely yours
Vojtěch Holubec, Jiří Papoušek and Zdeněk Zvolánek (the old chairman)"

All details will be  published in the SRGC Forum as they become available.

(Photo is of the group at the  2nd Czech Event  in 2013) )


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