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Started by: Martin Rogerson

Comments on the content of the bulletin

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Contribution from Martin Rogerson 27 June 2009, 23:47top / bottom of page

Please may I point out to any readers visiting these pages that the photograph on page 140 of the June issue of The Alpine Gardener is not of Suilven but of Cul Mor. Some mountains do look alike but Suilven is highly distinctive and I, for one, am disappointed such an obvious error has made it to the printed page. An image of the real thing from Lochinver is attached.

Contribution from Chris McGregor 20 November 2009, 21:30top / bottom of page
E-Book Version

Any feedback on the new E-Book version of the last issue of The Alpine Gardener?

Contribution from Diane Clement 20 November 2009, 23:59top / bottom of page

Not sure what you are referring to, Chris, about an E-book version??

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 21 November 2009, 10:30top / bottom of page

Diane, look at latest news. A number of overseas members bulletins didn't make it so the 'e-version' has been put on the website.

Chris, excellent idea in the circumstances and well done for doing it at short notice. Format is much more readable than most formats I've seen but still no substitute for paper!

I recognise this was a one off to help members whose bulletin got 'lost in the post'. For the future if it were decided to do this again I presume it would be set up to only be viewable by members.

Contribution from Brian Whyer 21 November 2009, 23:14top / bottom of page
Loading error message

I have tried to load the ebook several times, and get an error message each time, which forces me to close the tab.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 22 November 2009, 15:24top / bottom of page

Brian, I've just tried again and no problems. Are you using Internet Explorer? What does the error message say?

Contribution from Chris McGregor 22 November 2009, 19:57top / bottom of page
Future versions of E-book

Hi Martin

We may well produce more E-book versions in the future but they will be viewable for members only. In the interim we plan to leave the current version of the September issue viewable for all as a sample. Glad you appreciated the initiative.

Contribution from roger lynch 15 January 2010, 11:56top / bottom of page
Missing 2011 Conferance booking form

The Alpinews, issue 28, Dec 2009 states there is a booking form in this Newsletter for the conferance. This appears to have been missed out. The online one works.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 15 January 2010, 19:26top / bottom of page

Hi Roger, I think a little patience is clearly required. Looks like a couple of last minute hiccups and the recent dificult weather have disrupted the plans a little. See the thread under AGS Events

Contribution from Les Cheeseman 29 December 2011, 20:30top / bottom of page

Chris, I have just finished reading Tim Ingram's thread on recruiting new members and moved to this one.

It is just a thought, that a carefully edited version of the E-book Bulletin would potentialy reach a greater number of computer generation "youngsters" than all of the often expensive "Scatter Gun" publicity used by the Society and Groups at present.

I can already hear comments to the effect that The Bulletin is paid for by the members, so perhaps we need to share a little of what we pay for.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 30 December 2011, 14:22top / bottom of page

Les - I do so much agree with you. I do feel that the website is very strongly directed to present members and not potential new members and that this is a greatly wasted opportunity, and more than that a sign that there is not a strong desire to share the Society with new members.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 30 December 2011, 15:31top / bottom of page

In response to Les and Tim's discussion, this proposed e-bulletin didn't need to be a facsimile of one already paid for by members (and possibly would benefit from not being if we are trying to encourage less knowledgeable newcomers to this marvellous hobby), it could be an 'alternative' bulletin specifically designed to tempt and appeal to the raw recruit or the members of general gardening organisations.

Less esoteric articles and a host of pretty pictures might serve to attract and who knows how many may return and be drawn into our addictive web?

Contribution from Tim Ingram 30 December 2011, 21:17top / bottom of page

Cliff - I go along with that partly, but I think also there is a need to attract gardeners on an equal footing, in the sense that maintaining a strong 'beginner' and 'expert' division is a turn-off for a lot of younger people who will have their own strong views about the world and how they might like Societies they join to invite them in. The world of alpines is a hugely diverse one which can span anything from more poetic and artistic views seen in fine writing and photography, or plants adapted to large climatic variations which can lead to very distinctive gardens in different parts of the country, through to the basic but so important fundamentals of propagation and distribution of plants, and the magic of exhibiting plants at the Shows, and what I regard as especially critical, our growing of plants in the garden (because it is this that maintains the greatest variety of plants in cultivation and an ongoing bank of seed and propagating material - this is a nurseryman speaking so of course I am biased!). The AGS has always done these things but we have not worked out how to put them across in a more visible way to other gardeners that see the world in a similar sense, and that is a great failing. But then I am really just repeating myself!

Contribution from Les Cheeseman 04 January 2012, 16:35top / bottom of page

Cliff, Tim. We seem to all agree that some form of E buletin would be a good vehicle and some middle way between the two extremes of articles that would "Hit the Spot" would seem sensible. I think in my original post, I was mindful of the cost in man hours of producing articles specific for this purpose. I am now also minded that if you don't take the trouble to produce the "right" material you will be wasting time anyway.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 04 January 2012, 16:56top / bottom of page

This is tricky because what inspires results really from a collaboration between people and can't be 'designed', just aimed for. The SRGC forum has found its feet in the sense of drawing in gardeners from many places and this is seen particularly in the online International Rock Gardener, which does have editorial control in the way Les mentions, and yet a real sense of sharing experiences (on an equal footing as I pointed out above). This would be the way to proceed with such an E-Bulletin on the AGS site, though perhaps with a stronger emphasis on practical gardening and growing - including showing. The Bulletin itself is an obvious starting off point and perhaps if the advice of younger members is sought as to their thoughts, and contributions, this could be valuable. Once a small group of people are involved and able to spark off each other something quite inspiring should emerge.

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