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Started by: Ian Crompton

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Contribution from Ian Crompton 01 June 2014, 13:29top / bottom of page

Today I was over at Hatton Craft Centre and spotted a 3ftx2ft cotswold stone planter bargin price. So now i need to research some alpines for a spot for early sun and afternoon shade. If anyone has any ideas i would be interested to hear many thanks.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 02 June 2014, 07:34top / bottom of page

Sounds like Saxifrage heaven to me, perhaps some Rhodohypoxis,, one or two dwarf Daffodils, try a Lewisia (but not a cotyledon hybrid that could take over), a canpanula trailing over the side.....choices, choices. Sounds like a good excuse for a nursery visit or a trip to a show so all the nurseries come to you.

Contribution from Ian Crompton 04 July 2014, 13:30top / bottom of page

popped in to ABERCONWY NURSERY while in wales yesterday picked up some great plants for my troughs and bowls. Picked up some slate from llechwedd slate cavens for the trough cant wait to plant them up.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 04 July 2014, 17:03top / bottom of page

Ian - put some pictures on when you do; it would be very interesting to see. We have just been very kindly given a batch of different silver saxifrages - grown by David Hoare - and need something similar to give them a home. Definitely a crevice-type trough in the offing.

Contribution from Ian Crompton 27 July 2014, 16:31top / bottom of page

Sorry Tim I have not managed to take any pictures yet I have been so busy with the rest of the garden and veggie plot. Although I can confirm that the plants have taken and are growing well in the trough and bowl I planted up, the slate and rocks look OK although through trial and error I may have to move a plant or two but it’s a learning curve.

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