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Started by: Michael Bayley

New Format

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Contribution from Michael Bayley 27 November 2009, 15:36top / bottom of page

Congratulations for the new on-line ordering system for the seed ditribution - it is excellent - so easy to use and understand

Contribution from Chris McGregor 28 November 2009, 21:03top / bottom of page

Hi Michael

Thanks very much for your compliments on the new system - the volunteers responsible for the new system will appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback. Filling of the orders will start next week.

Contribution from Anne Marise GIBSON 12 February 2010, 06:44top / bottom of page

I am very impressed with the new system, easy to use, and it was good to have the record of what you have requested. Seeds came quickly too-now it's just down to my skills! Thanks to everyone concerned

Contribution from Colin Dolding 12 February 2010, 14:34top / bottom of page

Thank you for your comments Anne Marise. Overall is has been a great success.

Contribution from Ken Curtis 21 February 2010, 02:40top / bottom of page

Just curious if any US members have received their seeds?

Contribution from Colin Dolding 21 February 2010, 23:36top / bottom of page

Hello Ken,

All US seed orders have been sent out, the majority by the end of January.

I will email a few members and ask them if any have landed in the US!

Best wishes, Colin

Contribution from Ken Curtis 27 February 2010, 00:31top / bottom of page

Colin, since there has been no additions to this thread is it safe to assume I am not the only one still waiting for their seeds?

Contribution from Colin Dolding 27 February 2010, 21:50top / bottom of page

Hello Ken,

It would appear the first ones are getting through now. There have been two deliveries from the Atlanta USDA station that I am aware of.

No other positive responses at all.

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