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Any Other Topics: Radio programme on English Rock Gardening

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Started by: Margaret Young

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Contribution from Margaret Young 10 June 2014, 18:24top / bottom of page
6 days left to listen on BBC i-player

"Radio 4 Extra Debut. Times gardening correspondent Stephen Anderton explores the changing fashions in rock gardening, from the Northamptonshire landowner who wanted a landscape for his gnomes to the Yorkshireman who described his alpines as 'sulky' but who changed our view of the rockery. From April 2004."
This programme is available on i-player for the next 6 days. ( from 10th June 2014)
It features lots of well-known AGS folks, such as John and Kate Page and Joan and Roy Beeston and mentions the AGS Pershore garden desinged by Zdenek Zvolanek  - don't miss it!

Oops - that should have said designed by ZZ !

Contribution from Tim Ingram 10 June 2014, 20:15top / bottom of page

Thanks Maggi - just listened to that. After the inevitable silliness of minature Matterhorns and gnomes and idle wealth (which really we could do without now when rock gardening and alpines are discussed), after the halfway point and introduction to William Robinson the programme really went somewhere and put across what growing alpines is all about. I'm not sure it is fair to call alpine gardeners 'neurotic collectors' (though there is some truth in that, and there are plenty of other collectors), but the final comments about Farrer and the way you identify with the plants and the places they come from is surely true, and perfectly sensible. The comments about the Chelsea exhibits were interesting - on the one hand you have the reconstruction of a natural rocky outcrop by Symons-Jeune, which I would love to make and shows just that understanding of the natural environment, and on the other you have still a good garden made with slate much more recently, but the demand by the clients for something more rugged and actually unnatural. So it boils down to a relatively uneducated garden public who really don't know about, or have the patience and curiousity to discover these plants. Very interesting - I wonder where the media will go to from here?

Contribution from Tim Ingram 11 June 2014, 06:41top / bottom of page

(and have a look, if you can, at the u-tube presentation on Gothenberg Botanic Garden which Maggi mentions on the SRGC Forum. A real breath of fresh air...)

Contribution from Margaret Young 12 June 2014, 17:35top / bottom of page

It appears that the BBC radio programme is, unusually, available outside the UK so overseas members can listen in too.

I would endorse Tim's suggestion for those interested in the wider world of plants to view the Gothenburg film - it is directly accessible from the SRGC site where it is embedded and even without knowing Swedish it is possible to follow quite well. 


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