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Any Other Topics: Plant thefts

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Started by: Helen Johnstone

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Contribution from Helen Johnstone 04 February 2014, 18:32top / bottom of page

I am very sad to hear that three special plants have been stolen from RHS Wisley's alpine display this weekend. 

Contribution from John Good 05 February 2014, 16:53top / bottom of page

This is terrible, but it is not a new phenomenon. I remember when I lived near Edinburgh in the 1970s and spent a lot of time visiting the RBG that Alf Evans was always complaining about thefts, including from his special area of the garden, the peat beds. Also, I remember at about the same time Reggie Kaye taking me to see a spot in his rock garden where a fine plant of Rhodothamnus chamaecistus had grown. As he puffed on his pipe he muttered something along the lines of, 'B....y Luftwaffe failed to kill it when they dropped a spare bomb near the garden that fractured the pond, but some b....r has finished it off now because they'll never get it to re-establish'. It was on that day in (roughly) 1974 that Reggie gave me a small plant of the rhodothamnus which I still have nearly 40 years later, after 3 house and garden moves! 

Contribution from Margaret Young 06 February 2014, 12:50top / bottom of page

These thefts are despicable. Bad enough that private possessions are targeted but somehow  even worse when from a public garden, since we are ALL being attacked and affected by such thefts in these cases.

On the subject of Rhodothamnus chamaecistus - I well remember John Good's superb plant of this which one the premier award at Alpines 1991 - this must a relative of RK's plant then, I suppose, if not the  gifted plant itself ? What a delightful plant it was, full of flower!

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