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Any Other Topics: Nursery Recommendation ?

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Started by: Chris Birchall

Has anybody any experience with ordering from Yuzawa Engei Nursery (as advertised in the Bulletin) any information as to plant quality, naming, not wild collected etc would be most welcome.

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Yuzawa Engei Nursery Hokkaido Japan

My first order from Yuzawa Engei arrived yesterday. The service provided by the nursery was very good with charges clearly explained before any payment was required (via PayPal). This included advertised prices, 20% cleaning charge, 9 week quarantine and postage with no charge for Phytosanitary Certificate. Import VAT and UK handling charge were paid online after the plants arrival in the UK.

These extra costs added about 40% to the initial advertised price. These extra costs would vary dependent on the weight of different species ordered. Also larger orders would proportionately reduce the percentage cost of the UK Border Agency Handling Fee.

Plants are clearly propagated at the nursery and quality is very high as can be seen in following photos. Some of the names used are synonyms or Japanese names written in Roman script. Many variety names given to Japanese plants are not commonly accepted.

Arisaema kiushianum Makino

Yuzawa Engei Nursery Hokkaido Japan

Paris japonica (Franch. et. Sav.) Franch.

Viola yubariana Nakai

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