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Any Other Topics: Mike Bramley - sad news (see 22 March entry)

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Started by: Chris McGregor

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Contribution from Chris McGregor 12 January 2012, 22:33top / bottom of page

Our very best wishes to Mike on his road to recovery following a serious operation. I am sure we will all look forward to seeing Mike again when he is back on his feet. His wife Ju would like to thank all who have already sent cards and messages of support.

Contribution from Tony Goode 12 January 2012, 23:06top / bottom of page

Sorry to hear this news. Please pass on my best wishes to Mike. I well remember the warm welcome I was given when visiting on a lecture trip.

Contribution from Margaret Young 13 January 2012, 12:49top / bottom of page

Ian is another who has had the pleasure to have given hospitality by Ju and Mike. When we heard the news we were shocked and can only send our best wishes for Mike's recovery. Mike and Ju are so well known, not only for their famous hospitality and their great plants but they are among the nicest folks in the plant world. Love and best wishes from Ian and I.

We'll be hoping to see you both again as usual at the SRGC Discussion Weekend, if not before!

Contribution from Cliff Booker 13 January 2012, 15:20top / bottom of page

We send the very best wishes of the entire East Lancashire Group to Mike and Judy for a full and very speedy recovery.

Cliff & Sue

Contribution from David Nicholson 13 January 2012, 15:49top / bottom of page

All the very best and hope your treatment goes well.

Contribution from Peter Hood 14 January 2012, 11:43top / bottom of page

Mike & Judy,so sorry to hear. Please be assured of muy thoughts and prayers. Get well soon Mike, Best Wishes, Peter M. Hood

Contribution from Paul Ranson 14 January 2012, 12:12top / bottom of page

So sorry to read of Mike's illness. Best wishes from us both.

Paul & Gill Ranson

Contribution from Judith Bramley 14 January 2012, 22:21top / bottom of page
Update on Mike

Mike is continuing to make slow progress, thank you all for your support. The doctors are pleased with he way the operation went, now we have to have be patient and pray that the recovery will continue.

Contribution from David Mountfort 15 January 2012, 10:10top / bottom of page


Have just heard about Mike. Seems like only yesterday that we were listening to his talk at Nottingham. Glad to hear that he is making progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. All our love and best wishes. Dave & Chris.

Contribution from Mel Linney 15 January 2012, 11:25top / bottom of page

Our thoughts and best wishes are with Mike and Ju today. Get well soon.

Mel & Elaine Linney.

Contribution from Tony Rymer 16 January 2012, 21:46top / bottom of page
Get well soon, Mike!

Extremely sorry to hear of your recent illness, Mike. You both looked to be in your usual robust health when we saw you at the Harrogate autumn show. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

Ruth & Tony Rymer

Contribution from Sheila Brown 17 January 2012, 16:23top / bottom of page
From Sheila Brown 17 January 2012

Dear Ju

I have only just spotted the news about Mike on the website. I am so sorry to learn of his operation and do want to send my very Best Wishes for his speedy recovery and that all goes well.

Will be thinking of you both Sheila

Contribution from Darren Sleep 19 January 2012, 15:23top / bottom of page

Best wishes from Susan and I for a speedy recovery Mike, and we are thinking of you both.

Darren & Susan

Contribution from Jozef Lemmens 20 January 2012, 20:25top / bottom of page


I heard from Dieter about Mike's illness. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. I hope to meet you both again very soon.



Contribution from Christine Brown 26 January 2012, 09:11top / bottom of page

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you both. We hope Mike gets better soon.

Mike and Christine Brown

Contribution from Ian Smith 29 January 2012, 10:23top / bottom of page
Contribution by Roma & Ian Smith 29th Jamuary 2012 10:22

Hi Ju

We have just heard about Mike while talking to other Saxifrage society members at the Birmingham AGS day conference. Can we offer our best wishes for his speedy recovery and trust that he maintains a rapid recovery. We are thinking of you. Roma & Ian

Contribution from John Good 29 January 2012, 18:07top / bottom of page

Hello Mike, from one poor old duffer with artificial knees to another! I have only just heard about your new problem and my immediate thought was,'what a b....r', but knowing you (and Ju) I'm pretty sure you will fight it to a successful conclusion. It must be nice to know that so many friends are rooting for you. All the best, John Good

Contribution from Judith Bramley 07 February 2012, 14:41top / bottom of page

Just a quick word of thanks to all the messages of support (and cards)from everyone.

I am home now and under strict regime from 'her indoors'


Contribution from Mel Linney 08 February 2012, 13:31top / bottom of page

Hello Mike, glad to hear that you are back at home. Here's to a speedy recovery.


Contribution from Graham Nicholls 11 February 2012, 10:48top / bottom of page

Hi Mike & Ju, heard about Mike's illness at our meeting last night. All my best wishes go to you both and a speedy recovery for Mike.

Graham Nicholls

Contribution from Chris McGregor 22 March 2012, 13:57top / bottom of page
Sad News

We have just received the tragic news that Mike has sadly passed away. He died peacefully at home this week with his family around him. We send our most sincere condolences to his wife Ju and all the family. Mike will be sadly missed by his many friends in the alpine world.

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