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Any Other Topics: Happy New Year!

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Started by: Chris McGregor

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Contribution from Chris McGregor 01 January 2010, 00:18top / bottom of page

Wishing all our members a very Happy New Year! Thanks to all those who have contributed to these pages and I look forward to reading more of your articles and pictures in 2010.

Contribution from Val Lee 01 January 2010, 00:31top / bottom of page

Happy New Year to all our members and Best Wishes to everyone for successful gardening in 2010. I look forward to visiting your groups and meeting as many of you as possible during the next three years

Contribution from Mel Linney 01 January 2010, 09:23top / bottom of page

Thanks Chris and Val and a happy New Year to you both and everyone else who visits our Website.

Contribution from Gail Harland 01 January 2010, 13:16top / bottom of page

Snow started to fall here as Big Ben was chiming in the New Year on the TV and this morning the blue moon set across snowy fields. My garden always looks better with a dusting of snow - it hides the weeds beautifully! A lovely start to the new year, best wishes all!

Contribution from Cliff Booker 01 January 2010, 16:11top / bottom of page

Contribution from Diane Clement 01 January 2010, 23:01top / bottom of page

Happy New Year to all

Contribution from Fermi de Sousa 05 January 2010, 06:43top / bottom of page
Greetings from "Downunder"

Best wishes for the New Year to the AGS in the UK from your Australian "sub group" in Victoria! If any of you are visiting please feel free to get in touch about gardens to visit and any events we may be holding.



(Mr F de Sousa, Secretary, AGS Victorian Group, Australia)

Contribution from Brian & Maureen Wilson 05 January 2010, 13:22top / bottom of page
Helleborus thibetanus taken in Jan 09

A belated Happy New Year. There is even more snow this year, but H. thibetanus is buried well beneath it with no sign of any thaw. This was our Christmas card this year.

Helleborus thibetanus taken in Jan 09

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