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Any Other Topics: HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2012

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Started by: Cliff Booker

All best wishes for 2012 to AGS members and rock gardeners everywhere.

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Contribution from Cliff Booker 31 December 2011, 10:33top / bottom of page

Happy New Year to all members of the AGS and all members of the worldwide rock gardening fraternity from Cliff and Sue.

Not an alpine image this time, but a joyous tree from Brazil ... Chorisia speciosa - image taken in a beautiful public garden on Mallorca. More images from this series taken on this lovely Balearic island can be seen on the following link:-

Contribution from David Nicholson 31 December 2011, 16:17top / bottom of page

and best wishes to all from both of us in wet and soggy Devon.

Contribution from Margaret Young 31 December 2011, 21:46top / bottom of page
Happy Hogmanay!

We wish health and happiness to all AGS Friends.

May your plants be free of weevils, thrips, snails and fungal rots of any kind for 2012 and may all your gardens be perfect when any visitors call.

Happy New Year!

Maggi and Ian Young

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 01 January 2012, 10:49top / bottom of page

Happy New Year from a slightly damp Derby.

Can I suggest that when you've had that bracing walk to clear your head, perhaps indulged in a hair of the dog, written out the list of resolutions you have no intention of keeping, checked the telly schedules to discover there is nothing you really want to see, etc, etc that you nip into the 2011 Online Show and cast your votes.

Cheers (hiccup)


Contribution from Anne Marise GIBSON 01 January 2012, 18:59top / bottom of page

Happy New Year

May you, your families and your plants be happy and healthy.

(Votes already cast!)


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