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Started by: Clare Reaney

Has anyone been there ?

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Contribution from Clare Reaney 08 January 2011, 18:53top / bottom of page
Has anyone Been ?

am thinking of looking at Le Jardin d altitude which is run by the University of Nancy - and maybe Lautaret near Grenoble where there is a reasearch station looking at Alpine conservation . Can anyone recommend these or know of other interesting alpine gardens in Europe ? Thanks Clare in Dundee

Contribution from Margaret Young 10 January 2011, 18:44top / bottom of page

Clare, I haven't been myself but I know many people who have. There are various referecnces in the SRGC Forum to fine plants which have been seen there. This page may be of interest to you:

I would think it very well worth a visit!

Contribution from Margaret Young 18 January 2011, 13:14top / bottom of page
European Alpine Gardens

It seems my post with links to photos and discussion of visits to various European gardens was not considered suitable here so I do hope that these links, to a map of such gardens and to a list of them which contains links to their websites do meet the unwritten qualifications for information to be shared with AGS members.

Contribution from David Nicholson 18 January 2011, 20:45top / bottom of page

This reasonably begs the questions that if there is some "unseen" modification of this MOLD:-

1. whose job is it to act as moderator and,

2.under what rules is moderation carried out

In the words of "Private Eye"-I think we should be told

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 18 January 2011, 20:53top / bottom of page

Hello, i would recommand to you the Lautaret's garden

If you travel to Paris, you can visit the Museum garden(2000 alpine species) which is located neat the train station Gare d'Austerlitz and few miles farther you can visit this nursery


in the same area the somptuous garden of Berchigranges is a must see, few miles further the botanical garden of Gondremer

There's also in the Vosges the Garden of Callunes, less alpines.

The town of Lyon also own one of the best french botanical garden, if you love asia plants and alpines and stay some days in the town, it's a place you should visit.

Coming from uk, you can go to the belgium garden of Meise, near Brussel. There's a nice collection of alpines plants.

If i remember other gardens i'll let you know


Contribution from Tim Ingram 29 July 2014, 19:48top / bottom of page

Our Group in Kent plan to visit a number of these gardens next summer so we will report back then with more details for anyone who might be interested in the future. Will be good to see alpine gardening going on in France just from those few memories I have from Plant Shows we attended organised by Jean-Pierre Jolivot (Le Jardin d'En Face) quite a few years ago now, and meeting a number of nursery-people from across France and adjacent countries.

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