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Any Other Topics: Chelsea Flower Show 2016

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Started by: Margaret Young

AGS display at Chelsea 2016

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Contribution from Margaret Young 23 May 2016, 14:29top / bottom of page

Chelsea Flower Show 2016    It's judging day at Chelsea today  .... the AGS has had their display judged and awaits results - it's looking good, I think, from the photos available on Twitter and Facebook.
The display makes extensive use of troughs, which SRGC have always found to be successful with judges and public alike. Good luck for a  Gold Medal to the team who have helped to build the  large, colourful display!

Contribution from ian mcdonald 23 May 2016, 21:47top / bottom of page
chelsea flower show

I hope the bbc show some alpine plants at the show. The bbc seem to shy away from Alpines as if the general public would not be aware of them. At least some mention has been made this year of our own native plants.

Contribution from Margaret Young 25 May 2016, 16:49top / bottom of page


There are now  photos of the set-up and a list of the plants used in the AGS  Gold display here :

and pictures of the finished display


Contribution from Martin Rogerson 26 May 2016, 08:16top / bottom of page

Congratulations to all involved in this superhuman effort. Another exquisite creation :-)

Contribution from Margaret Young 02 June 2016, 20:59top / bottom of page
Gardening Scotland 3rd to 5th June 2016   Gardening Scotland is a gardening show held near Edinburgh from 3rd to 5th June.  The Scottish Rock Garden Club has adisplay stand there, as usual and it is hoped that  the weather will be kind and many visitors will enojy the event and displays. There are pages of  pictures of the SRGC preparations, and of  various other exhibitors with SRGC/AGS connections here :

Gardening Scotland 3rd to 5th June 2016

Contribution from Margaret Young 03 June 2016, 10:39top / bottom of page

Massive delight for Scottish RockGC as our dedicated team of volunteers are declared to have won both Premier Gold and Alf Evans Award for Best Alpine Exhibit at Gardening Scotland - so very proud of them for their efforts in putting on such a fabulous display! Well done! Congratulations also to all other award winners at this great show.

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