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Started by: Margaret Young

- the marriage of Helen Picton and Ross Barbour

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Contribution from Margaret Young 25 July 2014, 19:37top / bottom of page
Summer joy!

From the News page:

An AGS Wedding

Ross and Helen Helen Picton and Ross Barbour who have recently married.


We knew how much Ross was looking forward to his wedding to Helen and it is so nice to see the photos of this charming couple.

What a very handsome pair they make - though with such a lovely bride that was to be expected!

Ross' friends in the SRGC Forum send all our very best wishes for a long and happy life together for Mr and Mrs Barbour. Many, many congratulations! And, as is fitting for the Scots groom, we add a Scottish greeting for a happy marriage: "lang may yer lum reek wi' ither fowks' coal " Cheers!

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 26 July 2014, 07:04top / bottom of page

Crikey Maggi, is that the Aberdeen version.......................where I come from we stop after reek!!!!! :-)


Congratulations and best wishes Helen & Ross, may your Nursery flourish.

Contribution from Margaret Young 26 July 2014, 12:28top / bottom of page

Tee Hee! I think it must be a north-east version, Martin. Ian is from Aberdeen and we were married here so I suppose that must be the clue!   It's a nice little joke and heartfelt wish for good fortune for the happy couple, for sure.

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