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Started by: Robert Amos

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Contribution from Rob Amos 10 September 2011, 10:32top / bottom of page

Your new section of the website is up and running. To access it you must be a registered user of the site and be given the appropriate permissions. Registering is easy, all you need to do is click on 'Register as a User' and then follow then instructions. Once you have done this you can either email Pershore or myself ( and we shall ensure that you can access the Secretaries' section.

At the moment there is a discussion forum with a number of threads already started and a page where various documents will be uploaded for your information. If there is anything else you would like to see or any other suggestions you would like to make please let me know.

Your Local Group Correspondent

Contribution from Tim Ingram 21 September 2011, 08:33top / bottom of page

Contribution from Tim Ingram 21 September 2011, 09:02top / bottom of page
Possibility of broader debate on the website?

Robert - earlier on I tried quite hard to initiate more debate about the future of the Society, but wasn't greatly surprised that there was only a limited response on the website. Such forums though are obviously here to stay and potentially do allow much wider communication of ideas. This obviously can be both a disadvantage and advantage depending on your perspective and whether you are in a position to carry things out.

The chief advantage, it seems to me, is in the way Groups can communicate between each other, comparing notes and successes and failures, or new initiatives. This must be a primary aim of bringing the Local Group Secretaries together. However, within each Group there must often be quite strong debate between Committee members individually, and many of these members will probably access or contribute to the website. So my question is whether some of the discussions between Local Group Secretaries can be summarised and presented on the website for our benefit, at intervals. This does put some responsibility on yourself and others co-ordinating the discussions, but at the same time might help focus attention on some of the issues to concentrate on.

The website Discussion section, at the moment, may be viewed by an indeterminate number of members, but is contributed to by very few, and this seems a loss to the Society if there can be the opportunity of broadening debate.

Contribution from Rob Amos 23 September 2011, 15:48top / bottom of page

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your comments. I agree with you about the potential of the Discussion area; the SRGC forum is the obvious example of what could be achieved. I don't think that we should try and compete with the SRGC but we can try and develop the site in different directions.

I know that some criticise the AGS website of restricting too much of its content to members only (a view which I don?t share), but I do think that there is value in having a section of the website that is limited strictly to Group secretaries. The section will also be used to post information and documents from Pershore, which would not really work in the public forum. The plan is to report back to and gain input from the wider membership via the main forum about our discussions. Unfortunately there have been no other contributions to that part of the site and so there is nothing to report on!

I am hoping that once the secretaries' page is up and running properly and the new Facebook page starts to attract more interest we will be able to stimulate discussions about both alpine 'stuff' and ways to develop the website.

Contribution from Rob Amos 29 November 2011, 18:02top / bottom of page
Update No.1

As promised, an update on the discussions that have been taking place on the Group Secretary's section of the website... In short there hasn't been any!

A HUGE thank you to David Nicholson for getting involved. If there is a reason why others are not using the area please let us know and we will try and think up a solution.

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