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AGS Local Groups: Woking West Surrey Group Garden Party June 23rd

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 08 July 2012, 23:01top / bottom of page

It has been a bit quiet on the website recently, with the wide spacing between the summer shows, and despite excellent recent entries from the diarists in Holehird, Northumberland (or should that be Spain), and Schachen. However, group activities continue, albeit at a reduced level over the summer break, and on June 23rd, my local group (Woking) held its annual garden party / open garden, hosted kindly by the recently retired ex-chairman Alan Wolsoncroft and his wife Valerie.

As usual this summer, the day was not promising, and there was a serious threat of rain when I set out, but in the event the weather stayed, if not exactly fine, at least dry. As always with an AGS group, visitors disappear into every corner of the garden, and it was the same here. Alan has a large and interesting garden, full of interesting plants. However, despite a plethora of very permanent labels, I seem to have failed to record the names of most, so this account will necessarily constitute a bit of a quiz.

Let's start by walking away from the house. As you can see I am following in others' footsteps, towards the pond (full of newts).

Thalictrum flavum glaucum

One of the first plants to strike me was this large thalictrum-like spire; I'm not sure what it is - can anyone help ?

Alan has now confirmed the name Tim suggested.

Oenothera pumila

By the pond grow Oenothera pumila, and a pretty Hieracium with patterned leaves.

The Hieracium is a bit of a mystery.  It came from seed named Crepis pygmaea folius purpureus but Alan thinks it isn't that, as it's too tall.  Hieracium maculatum can be spotted but the one Alan grows has very light grey leaves.

Oenothera pumila
Erodium castellanum

Moving onto the main rock garden area, a nice Erodium, a foxglove, and a really nice white Morina.

Digitalis trojana
Morina afghanica

Alan's rock garden is big enough to give plants the space they need, and they look great as a result - campanula and aster here, with Sisyrinchium striatum and alliums.

Allium heldreichii

This little onion caught my attention for the depth of colour.

Allium heldreichii
Geranium Gypsy

A really vibrant colour, even on a dull day.

Geranium Gypsy
Parahebe lyallii

Again, plants have room to grow to their natural size.

Parahebe lyallii

I loved this cultivar - a beautiful rose pink I don't have; Alan, if you read this I would like one.


Charming ground cover.


A lovely white campanula just coming into flower; it must be glorious by now.

Oenothera acaulis

A nice white evening primrose

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