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AGS Local Groups: The passing of Rosemary Powis

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Started by: Tim Ingram

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Contribution from Tim Ingram 12 April 2011, 14:07top / bottom of page

It is very sad to record the death of Rosemary Powis. Rosemary was a mainstay of the East Kent Group, acting as Secretary for some 17 years. She was quiet and modest but with a strong integrity and proficiency which made belonging to the Group such a pleasure. She was also a wonderful cook and hostess, as many speakers who stayed with her and her husband Paul can attest. Like many able members she also helped with the AGS Show in Kent, recording entries and mounting the artistic displays. Her interest in botanical art was very strong and I remember particularly a fine line drawing of Paris quadrifolia which showed her great sensitivity to the plant world. Her garden too was a delight, small but full of wonderful plants and expressing her fascination with alpines, crocus, ferns and many others. She was a lovely lady and will be remembered by all of us with affection and deep gratitude.

Contribution from Jon Evans 12 April 2011, 18:06top / bottom of page

Dear Tim

Thanks for posting this, though I am deeply saddened by the news. She was a lovely lady, and I will miss her. The last time I saw Rosemary was at the Kent Show earlier this year, where she was filled with joy at winning the class for one monochrome photo. I hope that news of subsequent successes at Exeter and London with this, and with her exquisite botanical study of Romulea nivalis may have brought further pleasure in her last weeks.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 13 April 2011, 14:13top / bottom of page

I always enjoyed talking to Rosemary when visiting the Kent show. Here is her drawing of Paris quadrifolia for everyone to enjoy again.

Contribution from Lee and Julie Martin 13 April 2011, 16:41top / bottom of page

We are both very sad to read this. Rosemary was indeed a lovely and very special lady who, despite her illness, remained very positive and always cheerful. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity of speaking with her recently at the Kent Show. Memories of Rosemary go back to the mid 90's in the very early days of the Shows computer, when we would input the results together at the Kent Show. It was a pleasure to know Rosemary - she will be missed by many.

Contribution from David Hoare 14 April 2011, 19:37top / bottom of page

What sad news Rosemary was a lovely lady who always gave her best to any job she was asked to do.

She helped me for many years at the Kent Shows with the computer and running the Artistic Section along with Sheila.

Our thoughts are with Paul and Family at this sad time.

David & Marion Hoare.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 20 April 2011, 13:47top / bottom of page

For those who knew Rosemary the details of her funeral are as below:-

Barham Crematorium on Thursday 28th April at 12.40pm (Canterbury Road A260 - CT4 6QU). Flowers will be from the family only but donations can be made to the Pilgrims Hospice after the service. The reception will be held at Rosemary and Paul's home afterwards, when there will be the opportunity to see her garden and share memories.

16, Cherry Orchard, Old Wive's Lees, Canterbury, CT4 8BQ.

Contribution from Tim Ingram 29 November 2011, 13:41top / bottom of page
Rosemary's Botanical Paintings

In an old copy of the bulletin I was leafing through I have come across an article entitled 'Of Cabbages and Alpines'. This has reminded me of a wonderful painting Rosemary Powis did of a stalk of brussel sprouts! This was amongst a lovely collection of paintings that her husband Paul showed myself and my wife. We are hoping to make an exhibition of her work at the Spring Alpine Show at Rainham next March (17th). She had great skill both in pencil drawings of plants and in botanical paintings, but also more latterly in pictures of groupings of plants, some of which she hoped might make cards that could raise money for the AGS. We hope any members of artistic bent, and who knew Rosemary and her work will be tempted to come along, and if you have any particular reminiscenses please let me know and I will try to include them in the display.

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