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Started by: Val Lee

Change of Programme for April

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Contribution from Val Lee 01 April 2008, 22:06top / bottom of page
Brian Mathew's ' Erythroniums and other small bulbs' AGS Lecture Post

The South Devon AGS Lecture has been postponed until 2008/9 season. Barry Starling will talk on Cultivation and propagation of Trilliums and Erythroniums @ 7.30 on Wednesday 2nd April at the Dartmoor Lodge, Ashburton, Devon. Visitors welcome. This talk replaces the advertised AGS Lecture.

Contribution from David Nicholson 04 April 2009, 20:35top / bottom of page
Meeting an Idol

I have quite an eclectic selection of Idols. They include:- Eric Clapton, Ian Young, Martin Luther King, the late Queen Mother, James Taylor, EmmieLou Harris, Thomas Cromwell, Brian Mathew, and oh! Cliff Booker (Who?!!) Last Wednesday, 1st. April, at our Local Group Meeting I met Brian Mathew (WOW!) who was giving a lecture on Erythroniums and other small bulbs.

Like many of you, I suspect, I have devoured nearly every word Brian has written on bulbous plants. I say nearly because the Nicholson fortune just will not stretch to the circa 160 for a second hand copy of the 'The Crocus' Now if anyone just happens to have a copy to spare and a tenner would cover it then I'm your man!!

Ours is a small but very active group and our numbers were swelled by the visit of friends from the Exter Local Group as well as a smattering of intersted people who had seen our advertising for the lecture and by the time the meeting opened it was virtually standing room only.

Contribution from David Nicholson 04 April 2009, 21:03top / bottom of page

As the above will illustrate this is the first time I have tried to post more than one paragraph here and it appears I'm not making a spectacular job of it so sorry about the disjointed approach. All were ready for the off, Brian had sorted his slides and the audience sat in hopeful anticipation. No-one, however, had told the projector. This refused to participate in spite of many hands attempting to make light work (there's a joke in there somewhere!) Brian didn't look flummoxed he just stood and most probably wished! Matters reached the point where our Chairman, Terry Underhill, had no choice other than to scoot back home, Louis Hamilton style, and pick up a replacement projector. In the inter regnum Brian picked up an Erythronium from the Display Table (thoughtfully brought in by one of our members) and gave us a full run down of the 'sexy bits' of Erythronium plants and what we might see differently, species to species. Full audio visual facilities now restored Brian enthralled his audience with a array of slides from the USA to Asia and to his own garden in Surrey. But what made it special for me was his ability to reduce quite complicated Botanical information into terms I could fully understand. The man is a Master. I have one or two pictures from the meeting, not of particularly high quality I admit, but thought you might like to see them. The first is a general audience shot. Face spotters amongst you will see Barry Starling second row from the top Left hand side in the red jumper. Mike Quest, who won best Plant Section C with his Viola pedata at the South West Show last Saturday, is standing top right, just in front of the bar!

Right, that seemed to work. Onwards and Upwards. The second audience shot shows Val Lee our President-Elect (front right standing). In the red jumper is out Chairman, Terry Underhill and at his side, as should be any good Secretary, is out Group Secretary, Louise Gwynne.

Next picture:- Terry Underhill in 'Churchillian' mode.

Brian- ready for the off. Front row right hand side rear views of, from the left:-Roger Stuckey, Val Lee, Di Dark, and if you look very closely, just a little of Bob Dark the Joint Secretaries of the South West Show.

Final picture. Brian Mathew, orator supreme.

Well, that's taken me the best part of an hour! I'm not the speediest of computer learners so sorry if it looks a bit of a dog's breakfast. Maybe in the course of the week I'll try to post some pictures of the plants that I showed at Exeter in the AGS Show Pics thread. One thing I missed on this system is a spell checker!!

Contribution from Cliff Booker 05 April 2009, 15:24top / bottom of page
The 'Who?' hero responds

If I had believed for one moment that I might feature in an allegedly serious list of Mr Nicholson's heroes then I would have behaved more appropriately in the past, conducted myself better in the present and tried desperately to achieve something memorable in the future but, as I realise that young David is simply being facetious, then I will simply be myself and be damned. Excellent report of your wonderful Group meeting David. Brian is one of the super heroes of the alpine world (along with the equally heroic Mr Starling, of course) and we in the north of the country who have welcomed both of these leviathans to our Group meetings in East Lancashire pay homage to their knowledge and prowess. Super report sir ... we should all be utilising these pages more to spread the word about our wonderful Local Groups. Oh that this facility understood BASIC PARAGRAPHING!!!

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