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AGS Local Groups: Snow - local Group Meetings Cancelled

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Started by: Jim McGregor

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Contribution from Jim McGregor 05 January 2010, 22:11top / bottom of page

Because of the snow, the meeting of the Cotswold and Malvern AGS Group due to take place tomorrow night (6 January) has been cancelled.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 06 January 2010, 15:26top / bottom of page

Would East Lancashire members and guests please be so kind as to ring me, the Chairman; Cliff Booker or the Secretary; Shelagh Smethurst on Monday to see if conditions will allow the Group Meeting to go ahead? It is only me giving the lecture on 'Images of Portugal', so a warm cup of cocoa, a hot toddy and a good gardening book would probably be the preferred option!

Contribution from Shelagh Smethurst 06 January 2010, 16:25top / bottom of page

You are underestimating your appeal Cliff, but it does look doubtful.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 06 January 2010, 17:23top / bottom of page

The Derby Group meeting for this evening, 6th January, is cancelled due to the weather

Contribution from Stephen Cotton 06 January 2010, 18:54top / bottom of page
Chiltern AGS Fri 8th Jan

This meeting is cancelled. Having spent all those hours putting together my new PowerPoint on the 2009 AGS tour to the Eastern Cape (SA) , does anybody want to sign me up this year so that my labours were not in vain?! Contact me on

Stephen Cotton, Chiltern Group Chair

Contribution from Diane Clement 06 January 2010, 20:58top / bottom of page
Birmingham Group Meeting

The Birmingham Group Meeting scheduled for this Friday 8 January is cancelled.

Contribution from Tony Rymer 07 January 2010, 20:44top / bottom of page
Meeting NOT cancelled,but....

AGS W Yorks Gp meeting will go ahead on 9 January but Peter Sheasby is icebound in Oxfordshire and cannot make it. Tony Rymer will give a talk entitled 'Aspects of Italy'

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 08 January 2010, 20:12top / bottom of page
East Cheshire meeting 11th January

The East Cheshire group have decided to cancel their meeting this Monday, due to the weather conditions.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 09 January 2010, 18:02top / bottom of page

The East Lancashire Group meeting to be held at Ramsbottom Civic Hall on Monday 11th January 2010 has been cancelled due to icy conditions outside the hall and inclement weather forecast for the next two days.

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