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Started by: Darren Sleep

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Contribution from Darren Sleep 03 March 2011, 13:08top / bottom of page

Hello, this is my first post on the AGS forum. With my wife, Susan, I have been a member of the North Lancashire Group since the mid 1990s and was on the group committee from 1995 until recently when I had to step down due to work commitments. Susan also served on the committee for a number of years as our membership secretary. (I confess to a wry smile when reading threads about attracting youngsters to the society ? I was still in my twenties when I started my first stint as group secretary. But then I can?t claim to be typical of my generation.)

Though no longer a group officer I have volunteered to keep this thread updated with our group activities; but first some background:

The group was formed in 1963 and among the early committee members were such famous names as Reginald Kaye of Silverdale. Down the years we have been lucky enough to count many other well known growers among our members, and still do.

The group has around 100 members and we host the annual joint AGS/SRGC show at Blackpool (formerly in Lancaster, formerly in Morecambe!) in March. Previously a small team from the group enjoyed great success with a display at the Holker Hall Garden & Countryside Festival for several years in a row.

We meet in the Methodist Church at Greaves in Lancaster, full details can be found elsewhere on the AGS website.

It is also time to remind you about the Blackpool Show on March 12th ? Susan and I expect to be there and hope to see lots of you.

Our next group meeting is on Thursday March 10th when group member Ann Kitchen will be talking on flowers of the Pyrenees.

Darren Sleep

Contribution from Darren Sleep 09 March 2011, 07:59top / bottom of page

Another reminder about our group meeting tomorrow night - and a correction. Ann will be talking about the Picos, not the Pyrenees as I stated above.

Also I hope as many of you as possible will support the Blackpool Show on Saturday.

Contribution from Margaret Young 12 March 2011, 21:47top / bottom of page
Blackpool Show and the North Lancs Group

I hope that all the hardworking members of the North Lancs Group are now happily back home relaxing after their busy day with their Show. This year with the sudden deterioration in the weather there were a lot of Scottish members who were not able to attend the show and this was a great regret for them. We hope you know that there were plenty of us there in spirit though, and we all hope you have had a grand day.

Contribution from Darren Sleep 21 April 2011, 09:07top / bottom of page
Group AGM, mini-show and photo comp tonight!

The North Lancs Group will have its AGM and mini-show & photo competition at tonights meeting.

My usual display of Pleione will be sadly diminished this year as the hot weather has sent most of them over! But I still hope to take a few other bits and pieces.

Contribution from Darren Sleep 12 September 2011, 13:05top / bottom of page
New Season Starts Thursday 15th September

We have a lecture from Shelagh Smethurst on thursday, more details later. Usual time and venue.

Contribution from Darren Sleep 17 November 2011, 10:58top / bottom of page
November meeting tonight - 17th November

Midland diarist and active AGS and SRGC forumist Diane Clement will be visiting North Lancs tonight to give a talk on 'Alpines in the Wild and in Cultivation'

Contribution from Darren Sleep 19 January 2012, 15:17top / bottom of page
Tonights meeting 19th Jan 2012

Our own member Syd Cumbus will be talking to us about the Pontic Alps. Syd is well known for his photographic displays at the Blackpool show so those of you who attend the show will know the quality of Syd's photography.

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