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Plants in the Wild: South Tyrol

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Started by: Mel Linney

What follows is resume of our day in the Dolomites.

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Contribution from Mel Linney 06 October 2009, 22:19top / bottom of page

Elaine and I have just returned from a wonderful holiday on the shores of Lago di Garda. As well as taking in the sights of Venice, Verona and visiting a number of towns around the lake by ferry, we also took an excursion into the Dolomites. Although the trip wasn't plant orientated it provided enough interest to warrant a South Tyrol based holiday at some time in the future.

Contribution from Mel Linney 06 October 2009, 22:31top / bottom of page

Our first stop was Lago di Carezza in the Val d' Ega, a small lake with gin clear water that reflects the forest of firs around it and the sky above.At the time we visited it was approaching its lowest level. In spring snowmelt fills the lake to capacity which must look magnificent

then, another reason for a return visit. The lake has attracted a number of myths and legends the most popular being that of a mermaid and a sorcerer, a tale of love spurned which gives rise to its popular name, Rainbow Lake.Our stop here was an hour which was knowhere near enough time to take in the full beauty of the area but we were able to get a few pictures some of which are to follow.

Lago di Carezza

This had what Ican only think is some type of Lichen, unusual though.

Awiilow Gentian growing in the verge of the car park.

A view from the car park.

This picture shows the determination of plants to survive. Whether these firs will grow and engulf the rock only time will tell.

More tomorrow when we visit Canazei.

Contribution from Mel Linney 07 October 2009, 21:35top / bottom of page

As we continued our journey passing meadow after meadow studded with Colchicums we arrived at Canazei in the Val di Fassa a very picturesque town where the cable car takes you to the mountains.A couple of weeks earlier at the beginning of September the Gran Fest da d'Ista was held in the car park adjacent to the cable car station, a feast of music, eating, drinking and general merriment over four days. On the last day, Sunday, the programme states that there would be a "Holy Mess in the lawn in front of the tent at 10:00am (something lost in the translation perhaps but it reminded me of the policeman in the comedy series 'Allo 'Allo). There was a full programme of events for the rest of the day including a parade in the afternoon with people dressed in full Ladin costume. Another reason for a re visit.Comments from people who attended the event confirmed that a good time was had by all.

The next few pictures are of hotels festooned with ivy leaved geraniums and petunias.

This painting on the side of one hotel must have a story.

The billboard for the grand festival.

With the ski season just around the corner everyone is stocking up for winter.

As we moved around town snapping away we managed to find some fine examples of the local flora and of course, the highest peak in that area Marmolada. Travelling back to our hotel Elaine and I discussed the possibility of future visits so if anyone can advice us about the best time to visit, places to stay and visit we would be grateful.

The following Colchicums were in the same meadow but note the difference in petal shape and colour.

A better shot of the previous one.

Geranium pratense with a bee obviously enjoying the nectar

Marmolada obscured by clouds.

Marmolada just about cloud free.

Contribution from Jon Evans 08 October 2009, 12:32top / bottom of page


Thanks for posting these pictures of this lovely place and its plants. You make it look a very attractive destination for future trips. I particularly enjoyed the dramatic scenery, and the beautiful colchicums.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 08 October 2009, 17:05top / bottom of page

Thanks Mel for the Dolomites from a different angle and a different time of year. If you pay the SRGC forum a visit there is lots of information and photos of the Dolomites which would give you an idea of where people stay and where the flowers are. It would take me an hour to write a tratise on the subject here. A number of us have used a company called Colletts who advertise in The Alpine Gardener. A visit to there website, where you can download their brochure as a .pdf, would also be worthwhile for ideas.

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