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Plants in the Wild: Slovenian Alps

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Started by: Susan Read

Kranjska Gora in late May

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Contribution from Susan Read 31 May 2010, 12:44top / bottom of page

Quite a rarity, when you need them, a footpath sign.

Pictures above the last one are Polygala calcarea, almost like home and Rhodothamnus chamaecistus no doubt firmly attached to its rock.

A mountain hut....

Managed a close-up of the Rhodothamnus. Asplenium viride and Hepatica nobilis. Hepatica was common but mostly over.

Primula elatior

Superb forest with tall mostly straight beeches

There was a new bridge but crossing streams was often a problem, at least in MAY

Returning on a path through a damp meadow. Dactylorhiza ?sp. ID please if possible!

Verartrum album.

That finishes the first day, 23rd May,... perhaps quantity rather than quality but very rewarding. All done in unremitting sunshine which persisted all week.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 31 May 2010, 18:36top / bottom of page

Thnaks Susan, I was in Kranksa Gora in 1986. Alas in those days I was less interested in plants and more in mountains so paid little attention to the plants.

Contribution from Susan Read 01 June 2010, 09:09top / bottom of page

Glad there is some interest. Will continue with next day, 24th May. The most accessible mountain seemed to be Ciprnik, especially when the 2-stage chairlift is running at weekends. As the weather was good I decided to do it on foot rather than wait. The start is in the centre of the modern resort, following the ski runs up.

The nursery slopes were fairly interesting with Primula farinosa?, Caltha and lily of the valley (of which more later)

The path was not clear but when you find a fixed rope you know it is a route. I heard something about confidence on scree. Here it was a case of 'lay back' rather than laid back. Fortunately there were no people above or below, though below was way out of sight.

Quite a bit of Daphne mezereum

By the top station of the chair-lift you are on a broad ridge with large patches of Gentiana verna? and a memorable display of Helleborus niger

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