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Plants in the Wild: Return to Mayrhofen

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Started by: Susan Read

Early July

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Contribution from Susan Read 20 July 2012, 09:35top / bottom of page

Martin ,thank you.

I am afraid the next 2 days were something of an anticlimax. Cloud was low, at least one bus route was blocked by a landslip and I was not sure about investing another 10 euros on a bus to go up into the rain and worse. After a bit of shopping I set out to walk up to the Ahornbahn top station. The route was tedious and at the top in a cold mist all I could see was a concrete jungle. On the way up the only plants (other than pine trees) that I noted were invaders.

Contribution from Susan Read 20 July 2012, 09:46top / bottom of page

These lupins covered acres, rather reminiscent of NZ South Island, though there was no sign of treatment with weedkiller and no doubt they would please many. I retreated on the vastly expensive lift back to town.

On the last day the weather gradually improved and I explored more local walks. Many ramblers would find these pleasant but they are not great for flowers.

I was not always sure whether I was looking at moss or ferns!

In conclusion the average 10 euro bus ride from Mayrhofen will take you to somewhere quite exciting. I gradually got to like the town: it has something for most tastes.

In case it is not entirely obvious the 'car' above is an ice cream counter. To add to the post script other shops also sell ice cream including excellent supermarkets.

Contribution from Ken Curtis 20 July 2012, 13:28top / bottom of page

Susan, thanks for taking us along on another one of your adventures.

Contribution from Susan Read 23 July 2012, 14:56top / bottom of page


My most adventurous trips in the last 2 years have been with AGS particularly the one to India. I wait for leaders and luminaries to post or report on these!

I apologise for the spelling/typo errors but I quite enjoy posting pictures. I shall never learn to type.

I probably did not do justice to the first day walking to the Steiner Kogelhaus and Brandberg so here are a few more. They are not great rarities but added interest to the walk: Gypsophila repens, nettle-leaved bellflower, Sedum anglicum, Sedum album, Teucrium montanum and Campanula patula.

Viola ?lutea, Salvia verticillata, Digitalis grandiflora.

Finally walking back by the river, Sambucus racemosa.

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