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Plants in the Wild: Plants in Peru

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Started by: Caroline Seymour

Please help me identify some of these

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Contribution from Caroline Seymour 07 November 2011, 22:28top / bottom of page

Although I wasn't on a botanising trip, it was impossible to ignore some little treasures. However, I have not found any source covering this area, so would appreciate some help.

These flowers were on a grassy knoll above Cuzco at around 12,000ft.

Additional pix

I'm obnviously new to this. I thought I had uploaded 4 pictures. I will try again.

Additional pix

Contribution from Jon Evans 08 November 2011, 22:10top / bottom of page

Hi Caroline

What a lovely plant! Being a photographer rather than a botanist, I'm afraid I can't offer any informed suggestions as to what it might be. Have you tried asking Peter Erskine or Martin Sheader? They are both pretty familiar with the flora further south in the Andes.

Contribution from Caroline Seymour 10 November 2011, 11:50top / bottom of page

Thanks, Jon. I am adding a couple more pix. One shows the flowers studding the ground - so there are lots of them, about an inch across, and apparently acaulescent - they were of no interest to my companions who probably thought they were daisies! The second pic does at least show they have pink reverse to the petals and I wondered whether the small twin leaves were related to them. I'm sorry the pix aren't clearer, but I was hardly allowed to stop and nagged with "You've already taken those. What do you want another picture for?" I'm sure you recognise the sentiment.

My next plant I think is Oxalis herrerae, growing on limestone amongst Inca/earlier ruins, again in the hills above Cuzco, about 12,000ft.

Contribution from Jon Evans 10 November 2011, 12:16top / bottom of page

Hi Caroline

On the basis of the new pictures, I am more comfortable to suggest Haylockia andina as a possible identification, purely on the basis of the superficial resemblance between these photos and those on the Pacific Bulb Society website (, not on any detailed botanical observation. The Haylockia on the PBS site came from northern Argentina at over 3000m, so that is perhaps promising.

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