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Plants in the Wild: Mayrhofen

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Started by: Susan Read

Last of the Summer

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Contribution from Susan Read 18 September 2012, 11:49top / bottom of page

Tim, I must have grown up with that name for Cirsium acaule or C. acaulis or acaulon. Perhaps naturalists do have a sense of humour especially when the plant never knew how to spell its name.

A few more taken from the Penken area. The first looking down at the amazing narrow entrance to the Stilluptal

A Hypericum sp and a fungus ?everything about it

Taking the cable car down (I find looking at flowers is generally safer walking up rather than down) there is a good view of this cliff. I have not found out about the geology but suspect it must be limestone.

Hintertux is my recommendation for several visits. On one day I followed the route shown in the AGS book on Mountain Flower Walks Eastern Alps to Tuxer Joch Haus. This is over 2000m and 3 days after the snow plants did not look happy, though the lady selling coffees etc certainly did as everyone venturing up headed for somewhere warm.

Geum montanum still managed a few blooms but the seed heads were more striking

Gentianellas were in various colours and sizes (above). Other flowers were: Phyteuma hemisphaericum, Parnassia, Saxifraga aizoides, calluna and willow gentian in its high altitude form...not very willowy and quite large flowers

Various 'harebells' and Leucanthemopsis produced a few flowers but the surprise was just one Primula minima.

The 3000m peaks came in and out of the cloud while the valley below was still cloudy

Contribution from Susan Read 18 September 2012, 12:59top / bottom of page

One plant seen at high altitude, Cirsium spinosissimum, perhaps a true alpine but does anyone grow it?

A few days later on a different path in the same area Campanula ?barbatum and Cerastium alpina

Scabious lucida above was a frequent sight on many days

This slope was covered with willow gentian

Contribution from Susan Read 19 September 2012, 11:03top / bottom of page

The Zillergrundl reservoir had been magnificent in early July but by early September things had changed. Where had all the flowers gone?

Some plants are not grazed but for me this is one of the melancholy sights of late summer.

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