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Plants in the Wild: Langtang primulas

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Started by: Susan Read

P aureata and others last April

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Contribution from Susan Read 15 June 2009, 11:55top / bottom of page

P aureata near Gosainkund photogrphed towards end of April. On a previous trek in April 1979 this area was frozen and snow covered.

In the same area there were plenty of presumably deuteronana

Moving on to the Helambu region there were masses of pink primulas. Would these be P irregularis?

Finally just a few yellow P strumosa?

Contribution from John Richards 17 June 2009, 09:13top / bottom of page

Lovely photos Susan! The pink primula third one down is P. gracilipes, not P. irregularis. Here is a picture of P. irregularis for comparison.

Contribution from Susan Read 19 June 2009, 06:20top / bottom of page

John, many thanks. I think I must have had a 'senior moment'after reading about gracilipes and irregularis in the Langtang article in vol 72 of the Bulletin! P. aureata was quite plentiful behind and around a waterfall in Helambu. Conditions were dark so picture is poor but have added it anyway

A few other primula pictures

Above the primulas R. arboreum in all shades

...though R. campanulatum was more frequent in Helambu

Contribution from Susan Read 19 June 2009, 07:05top / bottom of page

Contribution from Susan Read 09 December 2009, 15:30top / bottom of page
Langtang Trek April 2009

In case anyone is interested in trekking in Langtang and Helambu, here are a few more plants and views.

The trek starts in deciduous forest, climbing up through mixed forest with magnificent Tsugas.

Langtang Trek April 2009

Shops, lodges etc are mostly more primitive than in the Everest route. Next picture shows first rhododendrons on the second day, 22nd April

Once above the tree line conditions were dry and rather wintery.(The winter rains had not arrived and we noticed en route that the fields were bare). we had to content ourselves with euphobias and Iris kemaonensis

Euphorbia ?wallichii..!

Scattered rhodos were still colourful, including white

walking up the valley we watched Ibisbills and other birds near the water. The main botanical interest up here was Astragalus candolleanus...these are summer grazing areas. There would be plenty of Gentiana ?depressa in season.

The trek returns down the valley then climbs over the Laurabina pass, to reach Gosainkund (and Primula aureata) There seemed to be more red Rh. arboreums on this side...though rather scattered.

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