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Plants in the Wild: Everest region in September

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Started by: Susan Read

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Contribution from Susan Read 29 November 2009, 12:57top / bottom of page

Arriving at Dingboche, a rather denuded autumnal landscape


Thanks for your comments. Hope the non flower pics are acceptable.

PS B. jaeschkeana, only one 'n'

Contribution from Jim McGregor 29 November 2009, 23:02top / bottom of page

The non plant pictures are great Susan - they add a lot of interest for those of us who have never been to the region.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 30 November 2009, 11:06top / bottom of page

Many thanks for some great pictures of the plants and the associated region. Certainly makes me want to visit the area. Very different architecture to Bhutan.

With regard to Dave's comment I think a lot more people look at the forum than make the effort to actually post something!

Contribution from Mel Linney 30 November 2009, 17:45top / bottom of page

I would like to echo the views of previous correspondents, wonderful pictures Susan and thanks for sharing them with us.I have to agree with Colin about more people visiting the forum than contributing but that happens any where. So let us, the players, keep our audience entertained.

Contribution from Susan Read 30 November 2009, 21:55top / bottom of page

Thanks for all your comments. Will continue with pictures of the trek to Base Camp....more views than flowers as we went higher....being September.

On the 26th we had a day near Dingboche, again to acclimatize. This involved walking up Nangkar Tshang above the village to about 5000m. Early morning it had a light snow cover.

By the time we got up there the following were in flower in good condition: Comestoma, Lomatogonium ?thomsonii,Gentiana(which I labelled ?carinata but which is probably micans),Geranium ?donianum, Gentiana ornata, bistort, leontopodium and Saussurea nepalensis.

View from near top of Lobuche group.

Above 3 taken with Olympus X-42

Contribution from Susan Read 01 December 2009, 20:27top / bottom of page

View of mts above appears to be of north side of Ama Dablam from above Dingboche(f180mm eq). Next should be the intended Lobuche mts

Oh dear obviously can't see the 'thumbnails' well enough! Another mtn pic from many taken from Dingboche.

Contribution from Susan Read 01 December 2009, 21:03top / bottom of page

Sep 27th: walked from Dingboche to Lobuche at 4910m. This day there were carpets of Gentiana ornata and Comastoma (see above). First climbing the ridge above Dingboche we looked down on Pheriche and the return route

Other plants seen: pink Arenaria glanduligera..going over, Primula sikkimensis (over) below, Cyananthus incanus...

Could be Phlomis rotata...any thoughts?

Probably Lomatogonium carinthiacum

Leontopodium sp?nanum

Next we crossed the river at Dughla

Dughla is where the river floods and washes the bridge out as well as causing the landslip opposite. After a lunch stop, over the Dughla Pass, then the weather closed in.

The next stage is a path on the lateral moraine of the Khumbu Glacier. Waldheimia glabra flourishes here

Gentiana algida

A small but large flowered Aconitum..?gammiei

The Microula (see abve)came next ,then we reached the rather bleak and cold village of Lobuche.

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