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Plants in the Wild: Everest Region in August

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Started by: Susan Read

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Contribution from Susan Read 12 January 2010, 17:09top / bottom of page

Phaplu, with cloud on the mountains to the north.

Above is just a few of the many flowers found in the early part of the trek. Most are well known but names are in Polunin and Stainton...apart from Arenaria ludlowii (cf A. glanduligera but white) and the Microula which I had all along!

Contribution from Susan Read 26 February 2010, 19:49top / bottom of page

It seems the yellow flower above is shown as a b&w drawing in the book mentioned. It is Spathoglottis ixioides (photo in supplement to book). Also the purple flower with it is Corallodiscus ?lanuginosus. Both were seen on 2nd day of trek, as was Rhododendron lepidotum

Pedicularis are quite a feature of the area. P. trichoglossa

A similar looking one ,without the hairs. Any ideas on name?

A closer view of P. wollastonii. Some were mealy inside and out ,others only on the inside.

P. glomerata was the only other primula seen..four species in all

One other gentian seen, G. crassuloides

Another high altitude plant needing a name ?Saussurea sp.

Contribution from Susan Read 27 March 2010, 13:19top / bottom of page

The picture above seems to have a large gap. Here is the missing bit.

Erratum, there were 5 primula species in all but I am not sure about P. tibetica except it was near Gorak Shep where it is said to occur.

This picture has the smal blue flower ?Veronica mentioned earlier. Looking through the Yoshida book I wonder if it is V. cephaloides. In addition to the Arenaria there is ephedra which seems to have been grazed (?for a 'high'). Would the other plant be Cassiope not in flower?

Contribution from Susan Read 01 April 2010, 11:01top / bottom of page

After adding Meconopsis pictures to Margaret's Bhutan thread (they should have been here, except some are already on this thread!) I remembered that the colour rendition has been worrying me. To the eye they appear like shot silk, but I do not remember pink/purple in the way shown on digital pictures. It seems more obvious on higher altitude plants. After a night at Gorak Sep I took more pictures using a small Nikon camara instead of the Olympus. Seems not to be related to camera brand. One curious thing is that petals fallen to the ground look more like plain blue plastic!

Another plant near Gorak Shep (same Nikon)

Around the Namche area again on 10th August. Along the path one that appeals to most trekkers: Bistorta ?vaccinifolia and Rhododendron ?lepidotum in the yellow form (Rh. lowndesii is said to be shorter)

P. wollastonii goes to some length to get its flowers and leaves in the best situation.

For length/height in above picture note flower on left. Unknown lily seed head also on left.

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