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Plants in the Wild: Andorra Alpines

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Started by: John Lynn

I intend visiting Andorra in the spring to view alpines. When is the best time to go as I am driving from Toulouse and wish to avoid potential snow problems

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Hello John. My brother and I visited this area in 1988. Your query has recalled an excellent visit exploring the Pyrennes. We left Toulouse on 17 June travelling up the Aude valley, staying at Saillagouse. We spent the next few exploring Val D'Eyne and Gorges de Segres, moving onto Andorra on 21 June. Estany de Font Negre above Pas de la Casa was good to view early bulbs and alpines flowering together. The snow had just receeded. This area may now be spoilt by ski slopes. We visited Val D'Incles, Col d'Ordino and Casamanya before leaving for Val D'Aran, Spain on 26 June. We were lucky with the season and purposely worked our way west as flowers came into bloom. If the rubbish dump on the southern side of Encamp is still signed there is a magnificent north facing cliff full of Ramonda.

We spent from the 26th to 30th June in the Val D'Aran area of Spain, and again the flowers were magnificent.

Chris Lilley

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