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Plants in the Garden: Trillium

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Started by: John Humphries

Trillium in the garden

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Contribution from John Humphries 08 March 2008, 17:58top / bottom of page
T. kurabayashii or T. angustipetalum

Although sold as T.sessile, I'm pretty sure they're not. The first to emerge in my garden every year, I believe these are T. angustipetalum. Mainly from their earlier emergence than others I am fairly sure are T. kurabayashii, and from the longer slender petals.

T. kurabayashii or T. angustipetalum

Contribution from Sandra Rice 10 March 2008, 15:49top / bottom of page
Trilliums in a Middle England garden

I will post a picture of my Trillium kurayashi, when they get to flowering. As yet they are four inches high, just beginning to unfurl and some way from looking like John's picture. Comparisons please.

Contribution from Sandra Rice 05 April 2008, 18:48top / bottom of page
Trillium kurabayashii

Flowering two-three weeks later than your posting. This plant was bought as T.kurabayashii and the petals are certainly wider than in the first picture. This is growing in a wood, at 170m asl, on a SW facing slope in the south Midlands. Other comparisons please.

Trillium kurabayashii

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