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Plants in the Garden: Saxifraga 'Firebrand' scorched?

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Started by: Paul Lewis

Has my saxifrage succumbed to the heat?

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Contribution from Paul Lewis 03 August 2011, 18:14top / bottom of page
Has my Saxifrage succumbed to the heat and sun?

Just over four weeks ago we moved from 500 feet asl in North Wales to 246 feet asl in North Kent! The climates are obviously vastly different. We have transported hundreds of pots and several troughs to our new garden. One of the is troughs planted with mainly Poryphyllum saxifrages in Tufa and also Paraquilegia anemonoides and Saxifraga 'Firebrand' (a hybrid between S. oppositifolia and s. kochii).

I placed this trough on a patio where it would receive sunshine only between about 9am and noon and then be in shade. Unfortunately, I noticed a couple of days ago, that the Saxifraga 'Firebrand' has now got some brown rosettes. Previously it was growing healthily. The trough has been watered regularly but I fear the high temperatures of the last week (28-32 centigrade)and the strength of the sun have scorched it? I have now moved the trough to a spot that only receives dappled early morning sun. Should I remove the brown rosettes and top dress the Saxifrage? Is it likely to die? Should I take cuttings from the still healthy foliage? It is one of my favourites.

Thanks Paul

Contribution from Alan Jones 05 August 2011, 08:57top / bottom of page
Add Saxifraga 'Firebrand'

Sorry to hear about Saxifraga Firebrand being scorched, especially as it is one of my favourites. I suggest you take a cuttings; should not be too difficult to root at this time of year. My S.'Firebrand' suffered after two very hard winters [down to as low as -12F]; it is now thriving again but I took the precaution of taking cuttings. Four excellent pans pans of mat-forming Androsaces were scorched in my alpine house, even though the blinds were down, yet cushion-forming Androsaces in close proximity were unaffected. I shall investigate the possibiliy of installing a fan. Even with maximum ventilation, and spraying, temperatures were hitting the high 70'sF. The move from a cool location to a hot one is clearly a key factor in your case; moving the plant to dappled shade should relieve it from further stress. Best of luck.

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