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Plants in the Garden: June Surprises

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 13 June 2011, 14:52top / bottom of page


A few pleasant surprises in my garden this month - no shows to photograph since Summer South, and not for quite a while. Despite the welcome rain the last two Sundays, things are still very dry here, and any plants which can get their act together to flower are at a premium.

Lapeirousia hybrid

First up, a Lapeirousia hybrid which came to me from Julian and Sarah Sutton at Desirable Plants. This one is certainly desirable; it appears to have Freesia/Lapeirousia laxa as one parent, but the very long tubes and pink/purple colouration suggest that another Lapeirousia species has been involved as well.

Lapeirousia hybrid
Roscoea alpina

Next up is this tiny (and to my mind very attractive) Roscoea. I note from the discussion of the Roscoea trial that John Good finds this a weed in his North Wales garden. Here, in a much drier climate, it has taken 4 years to go from one shoot to two; mind you it is such a favourite with the local slugs that some years I see no sign of it above ground at all.

Roscoea alpina
Mimulus sp. ex JBA 64

This tiny mimulus was grown from SRGC seed this year. To give you some idea of size, it is in a 4in pot. It looks a little larger than Mimulus minimus, which I have grown before, but I have no idea what the species is. Still, a charming little plant, likely to be annual, and in this dry garden I expect I am unlikely to get self-sown seedlings.

Mimulus sp. ex JBA 64
Goatsbeard / Tragopogon

Not a garden flower this time, but a wild flower. There are three plants in my garden this year. I try not to let too many seedheads fall, but they are such a delight to photograph that I always let a few plants grow, and a few flowers go to seed.

Goatsbeard / Tragopogon

Contribution from Shelagh Smethurst 18 June 2011, 15:55top / bottom of page

Jon that Lapeirousia is a stunner far more 'high class' than the red one we have which yells 'look at me'. I find they self sow around the garden but never seem to clump up and make a real show.

Contribution from Giles Reed 22 June 2011, 10:58top / bottom of page
Primula deflexa

2nd flowering this year.

Primula deflexa

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