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Plants in the Garden: Gentiana tibetica

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Started by: Ulla Kommonen

Problems with buds opening

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Contribution from Ulla Kommonen 02 December 2014, 12:53top / bottom of page

Has anyone advice to offer on Gentiana tibetica? My plants which I have grown from seed flowered this year for the first time, but the buds never opened. Can anyone help to identify the problem? My garden is in Finland, and it is on a north-facing slope. The plants were otherwise healthy and vigorous.

Contribution from Margaret Young 04 December 2014, 17:42top / bottom of page

Ulla,  I know that many do not consider Gentiana tibetica to be an attractive plant - for some this is because the leaves can be rather large and not pretty- but for some it is also because the flowers do not open well and make a good show of the flowers, even when there are a lot of buds. In the SRGC Forum  at  there have been quite a lot of pictures of the flowers not opening well. The better ones do seem to be in sunnier  spots so your north facing  position may be at least part of your problem.

I do know there are many wonderful plants being grown in Finnish gardens.


Contribution from Ulla Kommonen 04 December 2014, 18:10top / bottom of page

Thank you Margaret, it sounds very likely that my plants are in a too shady position.  I quite like them despite the tightly closed buds but I will consider transplanting them to a more sunny area in my garden.

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