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Plants in the Garden: Early flowering of Cyclamen

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Started by: MR A A PORTER

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Contribution from TONY PORTER 06 August 2007, 19:33top / bottom of page
Early Flowering of Cyclamen

Has anyone else experienced Cylamen hederifolium producing flowers in mid-July? This only seems to involve white-flowered varieties including C. hederifolium forma albiflorum (which in the garden have much taller & larger flowers than usual) and C. hederifolium 'Artemis' (normal looking flowers on pot-grown plant) There is absolutely no sign of any pink-flowered plants showing yet. I suspect the unusual weather patterns in the south-east are responsible but why only the "whites"? Tony Porter

Contribution from Val Lee 12 August 2007, 08:28top / bottom of page
from Val Lee Devon Dartmoor Cyclamen hederifolium pink

Hello Tony, we have several pink Cyclamen hederifolium flowering in the garden and also in pots. The first flowers in Devon appeared the last week in July. We have several large corms producing many pink flowers, so far no leaves and 1 small white flowered corm. This garden is new to us but the cyclamen flowered in September 05 & 06.

Contribution from Elizabeth Maddock 06 January 2008, 17:48top / bottom of page
Early flowering of Cyclamen

I have this potful of Cyclamen Alpinum, last year it started flowering in late January, this year it started in early December. The first photo was taken 20th December 2007, the second 4th January 2008. It was flowering before the cold spell in December, although we had frost before that. I suspect the mildness of late 2006 was what held it up last year.

Early flowering of Cyclamen

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