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Plants in the Garden: August alpines, 2006

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Started by: Jim McGregor

Alpine colour in the Garden in August

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Contribution from Jim McGregor 08 August 2006, 15:22top / bottom of page

Summer is a lean time for the rock and peat garden. A quick walk round with the camera yielded some suggestions for filling the summer colour gap.

An unnamed delphinium given to us as seed by a friend has been in flower for weeks. We’ll be sowing more seed and growing more of these.

Aquilegia desertorum

Another plant that provides weeks of colour, just coming to an end now.

Aquilegia desertorum
Dicentra peregrina x Dicentra formosana (ex Gothenburg)

Flowering for a week or two now and looks set to go on for a few more.

Dicentra peregrina x Dicentra formosana (ex Gothen
Oreganum 'Kent Beauty'

Thriving on a raised bed.

Oreganum 'Kent Beauty'
Oreganum sp.

Another good Oreganum - can't remember the name and have lost the label!

Oreganum sp.
Codonopsis grey-wilsonii 'Himal Snow'

Still in its pot waiting for a choice site in the garden.

Codonopsis grey-wilsonii 'Himal Snow'

Contribution from Charlotte Jacobson 08 August 2006, 18:15top / bottom of page
August Alpines

Jim, Quite a beautiful Dicentra cross you have; the first time I have encountered a cross between D. peregrina and D.formosa. Does it grow true from seed or only from cuttings? Also, I have an Aquilega looking the same as yours but was received as A. candensis. Is desertorum a synomyn? Charlotte Jacobson

Contribution from Jim McGregor 09 August 2006, 15:27top / bottom of page

The dicentra was bought from a nursery - I haven't tried propagating it yet but I suspect it wouldn't come true from seed - I'll be keeping an eye on it to see if it sets any. A plant with similar parentage has been named 'King of Hearts' I don't know if this one has a name yet - perhaps someone else knows.

Aquilegia desertorum seems to differ from A.canadensis in its leaves and also in being able to withstand drier sunnier conditions.

Contribution from Charlotte Jacobson 10 August 2006, 18:36top / bottom of page
August Alpines

Jim, Thank you for pointing out the difference in the foilage in the Aquilega. I have checked mine and while the shape seems to be about the same it would seem that the texture of the canadensis is thinner. I will look out for the Dicentra 'King of Hearts'. Did you cultivate the Codonopsis 'Himal Snow' from seed? I have tried several times but without success. I will look for a plant of that also. What are the criteria for posting photographs? Will a reduction to 25% of the original be satisfactory? Thank you Charlotte

Contribution from John Richards 02 November 2006, 14:57top / bottom of page
Origanum and Dicentra in August alpines

Hi Jim Have finally caught up with your excellent pics in August alpines and Charlotte's comments. I was intrigued by the dicnetra hybrid as it appears not to be the really excellent 'King of Hearts' which also has this parentage and was raised near Seattle more than a decade ago. This is a superb vigorous garden plant which flowers for six months. I wonder if the Gothenburg plant will be as good. Is the majoram, O. tournefortii? It looks a bit like it but it may be a hybrid of this. John Richards

Contribution from Lesley Cox 17 November 2006, 00:26top / bottom of page

I was going to suggest that the lower Origanum could be O. amanum whose flowers are more conspciuous than those of other species. O. tournefortii as grown here in New Zealand is quite felted, say between that above and the very woolly O. dictamnus in appearance. Hello John, such a long time since Roger and I were in Greece with you, but still remembered with great pleasure. The picture below is a young plant of O. tournefortii (as I know it) and wont flower for another couple of months. I'll try to remember to photograph its parent then

Contribution from Jim McGregor 17 November 2006, 22:01top / bottom of page

Following John's comments about the Dicentra hybrid - it died back very suddenly in September. We'll wait with bated breath next Spring to see if it comes up again.

Contribution from Fermi de Sousa 23 November 2006, 02:03top / bottom of page
August Alpines

Lesley I'd agree with you that it's probably O. amanum. Oreganoes are great for the summer rock garden and ours are just starting now (our summer seems to go from late November till early March!). A volunteer seedling [from my sole plant of O. rotundifolium which perished in the process] develops long bracted flower-heads which hang gracefully over the rocks - i've tentatively named it "Redesdale Rasta" and will post a pic when it blooms later in the year! cheers fermi Redesdale,Vic. Australia.

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