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Plants in the Garden: Arum creticum

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Started by: John Humphries

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Contribution from John Humphries 10 April 2007, 08:03top / bottom of page

Bought 8 years ago at Washfield. My Arum creticum has languished in very poor woodsy conditions absolutely full of tree root under a Eucalyptus. This week-end it finally flowered for the first time.

Any similar experiences, or is my(lack of) treatment of the plants needs entirely to blame?

Contribution from Ben Probert 10 April 2007, 21:02top / bottom of page

I grow some 15 species and forms of Arum, ranging from our native A. maculatum to the rare and gorgeous A. palaestinum. I have not seen all of them flower yet, but considering my A. creticum is my oldest Arum I too have been suprised at how shy this plant seems to be; I am also annoyed at people who tell me how easy it is to grow! I know it's easy to grow, I want the b****y thing to flower!

All of my Arums (including A. creticum) have bulked up with a regular feed of a high nitrogen (Chempac #2) through the growing season. My hope is that as the plant bulks up it might become more inclined to flower.

I too would be quite interested to hear what other AGS members can chip in with.

Contribution from Frank Tindall 19 June 2007, 08:37top / bottom of page
Flowering of ARUM CRETICUM

Just read the article on arum creticum, I have grown this plant for about 30 years. You are all too kind, no nitrogen, full sun, dry position, stoney ground, little bone meal& potash in autumn. Separate every few years & grow on small tubers.This plant always looks bad after afrost, but will recover when temp rises.

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