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Help with making contributions: Adding Photographs

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Started by: John Humphries

A little advice on adding photographs

Go to latest contribution by Jim McGregor, 17 November 2006, 21:40. Go to bottom of this page.

Images on this page are shown as thumbnails. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Contribution from John Humphries 10 November 2006, 01:10top / bottom of page
Adding full size photographs

You can add photographs by simply selecting an image file and submitting your contribution. This is a 1.14mb picture unedited and loaded using a broadband connection.

Adding full size photographs
Anemone fulgens multipetela

That took 44 seconds.

Or you can scale them down.

Depending on the camera and editing software you might have there are various options you can have to scale down the size of the file without altering how the image will appear on the screen.

Or you can scale them down.
Cypripedium 'Michael'

That was a 93 Kb file and loaded in under 5 seconds.

As you can see that is fractionally smaller as the image dimemsions were specified at 576 pixels wide whereas the AGS Web site software will automatically scale your larger pictures down to 600 pixels wide.

Arisaema speciosum

This one was 720 wide by 960 tall, 199kb size and took 10 seconds to load.

You can see I've been scaled down to the 600 wide again but the picture can be as tall as you like.

None of this makes a great deal of difference if you are only adding one or two pictures and have broadband. However if you're adding 10 or more, or don't have a broadband connection the time can very quickly mount up, so it is worth investigating and experimenting with your pictures.


Feel free to ask questions here about how to make entries.

Contribution from Lesley Cox 17 November 2006, 00:33top / bottom of page
Adding a second picture

John the browse button works nicely for the first butfor a second.....? Is it just a matter of browing again? because the first is still in the browse "select" box. Or do I submit one then start over again?

Contribution from John Humphries 17 November 2006, 10:49top / bottom of page
Adding Pictures is done one at a time

Sorry Lesley, You'll find paragraph formatting and adding pictures is a little bit single phase.

In separating this out into two paragraphs, I've added two contributions. As long as they are made within 5 minutes or so of each other they appear in the one box.

Likewise, adding pictures is done one at a time. however you don't have to pre-reduce the pictures, the AGS Web software will do this for you to a standard 600 wide...see the examples in the other string. However, if you are on a slow line speed, it is strongly advised that you do the pre edit, rather than download a 2mg file only to throw 80% away.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 17 November 2006, 21:40top / bottom of page

Hi Leslie, each contribution consists of a piece of text or a picture or both. Successive contributions by the same person are combined in a fairly straightforward way. It seems to work fairly well. As a demo, I am just going to add three pictures as part of this contribution - A Dicentra hybrid, Codonopsis 'Himal Snow' and Aquilegia desertorum. Hope it works!

There seemed to be room for a fourth so I squeezed it in - a Delphinium hybrid. As you see, small pics are lined up together where possible and this might be a good way of showing variation in individual flowers, etc. These pics were all sized to 120x160 or 160x120 by my camera software.

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